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So, I signed up for Myshuno! and then got so caught up in the cc project I'm working on, that I forgot about it.  Oops.  But anyway, here is my card.  Thank you everyone who has prompted me.  I've taken one prompt from everyone, combining a couple of prompts which went well together, and then I went back and picked other prompts that I liked the look of to get to 24 prompts.  I know I'm at a very odd place with the story at the moment, in that I'm in the middle of a very important storyline and there are still lots of things to be revealed to you all before I'm done, let alone be able to start to introduce you all to the next generation of my family, but I think that there is a mix of story driven prompts and fun prompts here, which is good.
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*waves* Hi everyone.  I'm not dead as you can see.  Work has been extremely busy and stressful lately, and I'm exhausted in the evenings, and feeling very unsocial, which is why I've been missing from LJ and AIM.  I have, however been posting over at tumblr, because I find it far easier to upload pictures there.

I'm neck deep in default replacing all of the meals that came with the game at the moment, but my story is also not dead.  I have one more section to write for the next chapter, before I can edit it, so I will get onto that at some point, once my brain decides that it likes words and forming coherent sentences again.  I've also signed up for [livejournal.com profile] sim_spiration's Myshuno! again this year.  My thread is here, so please feel free to prompt me.  I make no promises about how I'm going to do, but I need to kick start the ol' noggin and this should be a fun way to do it. 


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