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Title:  Alone At Last.  Or Bethany's First Kiss.
Prompt: Left alone together ([livejournal.com profile] bellemistoire)
Rating: PG. 
Spoiler rating: 0/10. 
Summary: What happens when a visit runs out of tea.
Notes: Only real thing to note is that I used the word "queer" in the Victorian sense that means insane. 
Word Count: 688

"It seems that when one’s butler is sick, the efficiency of one’s household plummets.” )
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The Howard Family.

(Bethany and Ezra).

(Thank you Cait for the loan of Ezra).
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Title:  Haste
Prompt: Riding bareback/Sending for a midwife.  ([livejournal.com profile] holleyb76/[livejournal.com profile] silverbelle1220)
Rating: U. 
Spoiler rating: 6/10. 
Summary: A first time father's frantic flight through the night.
Notes: So, the actual in game footage of this has been posted in a picspam, but this is how I see generation six making it's appearance in the story.
Word Count: 1,077.

“Is she certain this time? I will not waste my time on continually running to her for every little ache or pain.” )

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Title:  Bragging.
Prompt: Sister-in-law.  ([livejournal.com profile] mzyra)
Rating: U. 
Spoiler rating: 8/10. 
Summary: Ezra and Bethany are having tea with Sarah Jane..
Notes: Only a short one this time.  I might do more with this and make it into a scene at some point.  Also fairly high spoiler due to references to something upcoming.
Word Count: 241.

Surely by now she would have realised that Bethany cared little for titles and the company that Sarah Jane kept these days? )

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Title:  Frustration
Prompt: Wedding night/A man's disdain for the difficulty involved in undressing his wife ~OR~ "Cannot a man simply ravish without wading through yards of taffeta?" (regacylady.)
Rating: This is fairly suggestive, so 15 I guess. 
Spoiler rating:  1/10. 
Summary:  Ezra discovers that consummating his marriage is more difficult than he anticipated.
Notes:  This takes place during the last chapter and was so much fun to write.
Word Count: 563.

Ezra was frustrated )
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No, your eyes are not deceiving you, I am updating after nearly a year.


I apologise for the blurry pictures, but it's nearly one in the morning, I have to get up at seven for work, and I can't spend any more time tonight trying to find a new hosting site.

Uploaded to a new host now, which gives better picture quality.  Hopefully this one will be better.
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Onto part 2 of the picspam from the main hood.  As you can see I've redone my tags too.  Hopefully this will make it easy for people to find picspam of the families they want to see.

Lots more pictures under the cut )

That's all the picspam I have for now.  I need to actually play before I can share any more.

I've finished my first edit of the next chapter, but I need to read through it and make any more edits before I can start shooting, but I don't think it'll be long before then.
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I've not forgotten Marielle, but I promised Cait I'd post one for Bethany, if she did one for Ezra, so here you go.

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom )
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Title: Learning to Ride
Prompt: Saddling a Horse [livejournal.com profile] sim_spiration.
Rating: U
Summary:  Ezra starts to teach Bethany how to ride
Notes:  I'm not particularly happy with this: it feels a bit stilted and forced and repetitive, but I want to start getting back into the habit of writing (rebuild is nearly done, yay), so I'm going to put this here anyway.  Also, I've never ridden a horse, let alone ridden one side-saddle, so I apologise for any inaccuracies in the description of posture etc.
Word Count: 1,386.

Learning to Ride )
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I’m not going to be sharing lots of pictures from the last rotation, or even doing them in the new look I was working on, for a couple of simple reasons. One, I played this rotation very quickly, and took hardly any pictures because I want to get on with the rebuild and two, thanks to that rebuild things look a bit odd in Regalton at the moment. As part of the rebuild, I’ve completed Project Refit and also went and removed all of Nouk’s original colours from my hair folder, meaning that with a few hairs for my blokes, all the hairs I have in game are now in the colours I use from Pooklet’s palette. I’ve also made various improvements on pieces of cc (such as rescaling Nani’s neighbourhood deco from MTS) since I last played the neighbourhood. This means that I’ve pulled quite a bit of my cc lately and, well things look a little strange.

60+ pictures under the cut )

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Ah, and so we come to the final part of the picspam for this rotation.  Like I say, I'm working on changing the way i do picspams slightly, so this is also the last old style picspam I'm doing.  This is all picspam from the Legacy Society.  There are some good reasons for why there are so many pictures of the Legacy Society and I MAKE NO APOLOGIES FOR IT.

Moar picspam )
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I have picspam for you once again.  As soon as I've finished posting the second part of this, I can start playing again, so yay!  Looking forward to that.

A little bit of picspam )
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Sim_Spiration drabble posted over here because I talk far too much.  Enjoy.

"You really are a spoilt brat!" )
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So, today is quite a busy day if you think about it.  It's the day decided upon as Shakespeare's birthday, it's also his death day, St George's Day and the day the new series of Doctor Who starts on the BBC tonight (35 minutes, yay!).  But more than that, it's four years ago today that I created Regalton and started to play Gabe.

Goodies behind here. Well one goodie anyway. )
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So I went over the character limit with this one, so it's over here.  I'm also not that happy with the ending to this, but here it is anyway.  Enjoy.

Cherries )
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So, I'm away from my computer for the best part of a day, and my f-list explodes, but in a good way.  I'm totally loving reading all these 10 facts memes, and they're great fun to do too.

I've been tagged by six people, for six different sims, so here goes.  :D

Marielle Hutchins )

Bethany Smith )

Stanley Legacy )

Celestia Harrison )

Stuart Legacy )

Timothy Legacy )

Ok, tagging time.  So many of you have already done this, I'm not going to tag five, instead I'm going to say Caaaaaaait [livejournal.com profile] regacylady ) I'd love 10 facts about Ezra Howard please, and anypne else who wants to do this for a character, go ahead!  It's a lot of fun!.
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Wow, this playing malarky means I actually have pictures to share with you all. I've been meaning to share some of these for the past 2 weeks, so there are lots of them I'm afraid, and I apologise to those of you with slower connections.

LOTS of piccies (100+) )

i still have a few days to play in the rotation before I'm able to get to the main house, but for now, this is it. Lots of pictures for you, and I'm sorry the captions were so uninspired. I really must post more, smaller picspams rather than leave it to one big post. Anyway, that's what I've been doing in the game. I hope you enjoyed it.
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First of all happy St George's Day everyone. :D

But today isn't just the day of England's patron saint, it is my legaversary. Two years ago today I plonked Gabe Legacy down on a blank lot in a subhood of Pleasantview. I've come a long way since then, and Regalton has been rebuilt as it's own neighbourhood, but I am still as committed to playing the family in as authentic a way as possible.

I really have no idea when the next chapter will be ready, but I do have a few small gifts for you today.

Pressie 1 )

These pictures are just to whet your appetite though, my main gift to you is a music video. You see the lyrics to Mean Bone by Slash's Snakepit really resonate with me and where I took Eddie and Marielle's story. One morning on my way to work whilst I was writing chapter 19, the song came on my CD player, making my brain come up with a video that made me laugh so much, I nearly crashed.

Here is my attempt to recreate it. It is the first time I've made a video, so it is a bit rough and ready. I'm also not happy with the quality of the upload, even though the original file is really good.

Anyway, it's here:


Dec. 8th, 2008 09:39 pm
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I feel a bit like rambling at the moment, so I thought I'd bring you all up to date on the rotation and a few other things.

Who doesn't love picspam? )

I have also been working on the sets for Joe's punishment.

What is Joe in for? )

Anyway that's it from me really at the moment, apart from to say I'm getting very excited about Friday, so this probably doesn't make much sense.


I am crap at looking for CC at times. )


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