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The Legacy Family.

(Emina, Edward and Carmen).

To everyone I hope you are having or had a wonderful time this festive season, no matter where you are or what you celebrate.
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Wow, it's a long time since I did one of these.  Aaanyway, in honour of Regalton 3.0 and the fact I now stage my chapters entirely based on my storylines and what has happened in game, I'm planning on posting more picspams, that are better ordered.  Obviously anything of a spoilery nature won't be shown.

Lots of pics follow the cut )

And I think that is where I will leave off part 1 of the main hood picspam.  Look out for more soon.
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I’m not going to be sharing lots of pictures from the last rotation, or even doing them in the new look I was working on, for a couple of simple reasons. One, I played this rotation very quickly, and took hardly any pictures because I want to get on with the rebuild and two, thanks to that rebuild things look a bit odd in Regalton at the moment. As part of the rebuild, I’ve completed Project Refit and also went and removed all of Nouk’s original colours from my hair folder, meaning that with a few hairs for my blokes, all the hairs I have in game are now in the colours I use from Pooklet’s palette. I’ve also made various improvements on pieces of cc (such as rescaling Nani’s neighbourhood deco from MTS) since I last played the neighbourhood. This means that I’ve pulled quite a bit of my cc lately and, well things look a little strange.

60+ pictures under the cut )

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Title: Bedtime
Prompt:  Eddie/Carmen
Rating: PG. 
Spoiler rating:  3/10.  This is canon and takes place in the future, but there's nothing you don't know in it.
Summary:  Eddie and Carmen getting ready to retire for the night.
Notes:  I wanted this to be a sweet look at part of the daily routine of one of my favourite couples.  It turned out to be a struggle to write and get sounding nice, and not too rushed.  I've done so little writing over the past six months, I feel broken.  Anyway, this is hopefully to get me back in the habit of writing regularly, and isn't the best, but I hope you enjoy anyway.
Word Count:  695

"What have I done to deserve that?" "Everything." )
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So, this is long again, which is why it's over here.  I also don't quite know what was going on in my mind when I was writing this this morning.  My prose isn't normally as florid as the first couple of paragraphs of this are so, yeah.  It's not really my style of writing at all, and I don't know why I wrote it this way, but I hope it's fun to read .  Enjoy.

"I have been th...th...thinking," )
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Only a month or so later than I wanted, here's the next part of this rotation's picspam.  This covers three houses in Regalton proper, and I'm going in the order I want to, rather than the order of playing like I normally do.

60+ pictures and some blather )

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First off, this is over here, rather than [livejournal.com profile] sim_spiration ,  because I went overboard as is normal for me at the moment, and ended up writing loads.

Secondly, a version of this scene will be appearing in chapter 24.2, so if you wish to remain un-spoiled, don't read it.  Everyone else, enjoy,

"Did I adequately answer your condescending question?" (The Social Network) )?”
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So, I've finished shooting and playing for chapter 24.1.  I've got far too many pictures as always, but I've not felt like starting to put them in order yet/  I did think that I'd share a few random pictures with you all though, to whet your appetite as it were, for when I do get my act together.  :D

A few pictures. )
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It's Halloween once again, and that means that it is time for my annual Halloween Photoshoot.  Enjoy.

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes )
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Wow, it is a long time since I did one of these, but I have been playing recently, and thoroughly enjoying it. That is when the computer isn't crashing. Yes, I'm still having issues with my new computer, but I've just fitted a replacement video card, and we'll see if that helps.
Picspam this way )

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So a few weeks back, [livejournal.com profile] ellirynia  asked me for ten facts about Eddie and Bertie.  At the time I was in the middle of building, and not at all in the frame of mind to sit down and do them.  Why yes, I do get very single minded, why do you ask?  Now, however, I've started writing the next chapter and am once again thinking about my characters, so I've finished it up.
More facts for you all )
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It's that time again, I'm going to share some of many pictures that didn't make it into either part of chapter 22.  This chapter really was wrapping up Eddie's plot, and starting to lay the foundations of Bertie and Stuart's story.  There was also a lot of gameplay in it, since, well it's about time generation five became teenagers. ;)

About 80 pics for you. :) )

So that's the out-takes for this chapter, I hope you liked them.  I'm starting work on the spare story for Lysander and Rosalind next, but I don't want the gap between this chapter and 23 to be as big as the gap between 21 and 22, so hopefully it will be only a few months until we're back in Regalton.
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I've been completely anti-social today working on this idea for this week's [livejournal.com profile] sim_scenes  challenge.  It went through a couple of changes as I realised I was trying to do too much and the narrative was suffering as a result.  This is the finished idea.

I believe in Father Christmas. )

As always I could have done with a couple extra pics to round it off, but it seems to work and I think it's sweet, I hope you all do too.  Now I also have another idea for these prompts, but no promises on getting that one done. ;)

(Also the fact that the formatting seems to be completely effed up on LJ and this is the second post I've had to go back into and reformat after posting, seriously pissing me off).
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I have an important announcement, one which will impact on the future of my legacy. Some of you already know this, but for everyone else, please click on the cut to read it.

Announcement )
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Wow, this playing malarky means I actually have pictures to share with you all. I've been meaning to share some of these for the past 2 weeks, so there are lots of them I'm afraid, and I apologise to those of you with slower connections.

LOTS of piccies (100+) )

i still have a few days to play in the rotation before I'm able to get to the main house, but for now, this is it. Lots of pictures for you, and I'm sorry the captions were so uninspired. I really must post more, smaller picspams rather than leave it to one big post. Anyway, that's what I've been doing in the game. I hope you enjoyed it.
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I really do talk far too much at times, so I'm really not surprised that this is over the character limit. Anyway, here's my drabble for the prompt "Hell is gone and heaven's here/There's nothing left for you to fear" ("Let Me Entertain You" - Robbie Williams)

Welcome to the nightmare )

Silly sims

May. 3rd, 2009 10:05 pm
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I've not really had chance to play the last week, but today, once I'd finished doing some boring RL bits, I decided to fire up the game and see if I can get at least one of the weddings I need for the next chapter played and shot.  Simple right?

Err, no.  My sims had other ideas.

Crazy, glitchy wedding ahead )

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First of all happy St George's Day everyone. :D

But today isn't just the day of England's patron saint, it is my legaversary. Two years ago today I plonked Gabe Legacy down on a blank lot in a subhood of Pleasantview. I've come a long way since then, and Regalton has been rebuilt as it's own neighbourhood, but I am still as committed to playing the family in as authentic a way as possible.

I really have no idea when the next chapter will be ready, but I do have a few small gifts for you today.

Pressie 1 )

These pictures are just to whet your appetite though, my main gift to you is a music video. You see the lyrics to Mean Bone by Slash's Snakepit really resonate with me and where I took Eddie and Marielle's story. One morning on my way to work whilst I was writing chapter 19, the song came on my CD player, making my brain come up with a video that made me laugh so much, I nearly crashed.

Here is my attempt to recreate it. It is the first time I've made a video, so it is a bit rough and ready. I'm also not happy with the quality of the upload, even though the original file is really good.

Anyway, it's here:

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Yes indeedy, it's time for me to waffle on about my latest chapter and share some of the pictures that didn't make it.

First of all I knew that this chapter would not be a happy one for you all to read (the next one won't be great either I'm afraid) but I feel I need to do this in order to do the storyline that's been in my head since last June justice.  Sometimes I get an idea in my head that just needs to be told, and this is one of them I'm afraid.  It's not easy for me to do at all, because Eddie and his family are just sweethearts and need to be happy, but do it I must.

Pretty picturs and more talk. )

That's all the out-takes I've got for you today, but I did want to talk about a couple of other things.

I really did grin like an idiot when I saw the Stanley secret, and again when I saw Anthony and read the historical legacy secret too.  It means a lot to me that I've caught people's imaginations with my little creations.    Stanley's queue is going to get rather long, but I don't think he'll mind in the slightest.

I've been building. )

Anyway I think that's enough from me tonight.


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