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The Tudor Family & Miss Legacy.

(Owen, Mari and Vicky).

(Thanks go to Lark for the loan of Owen and Mari).
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Title:  The End.
Prompt: Connor and Vicky. ([livejournal.com profile] docnerd)
Rating: PG. 
Spoiler rating:  0/10. 
Summary:  Vicky makes an important decision.
Notes:  I was pleased to see this prompt since it allows me to fill in some of the blanks with Vicky's story.  I also think that some of this is stilted, but my brain is a bit fuzzy at the moment, so I'm going to post this as it is.
Word Count: 593.

Her desire for him was like a physical ache and when he was near, he made her blood sing. )

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First up I wanted to apologise because I feel like a bad friend.  I keep popping up for a bit, posting something, replying to things and then disappearing, seemingly ignoring a lot of what is going on on my f-list.  I'm not ignoring it.  I'm reading almost all of it, but I've been dealing with some health issues since July.  At the moment, it's not looking like they are serious, although I still don't have answers, but it does mean that I've not been feeling that great, and I've not been feeling chatty.  At all.  So yes, I've been quiet apart from when I force myself to do something, or the guilt gets to me.

But you're not here for that.  You're here for the spam.

50 pictures under the cut. )
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No, your eyes are not deceiving you, I am updating after nearly a year.


I apologise for the blurry pictures, but it's nearly one in the morning, I have to get up at seven for work, and I can't spend any more time tonight trying to find a new hosting site.

Uploaded to a new host now, which gives better picture quality.  Hopefully this one will be better.
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Title:  Clandestine,
Prompt: A clandestine meeting at the Natural history museum.
Rating: U. 
Spoiler rating:  1/10. 
Summary:  Vicky attends a meeting.
Notes:  I don't really have much to say about this.  It would be nice to say that this is a lead in to a new interlude, but it's not.  It's just a little scene that came to me on reading the prompt.  Oh!  But it does let me claim a Myshuno!
Word Count: 665.

My card.

She felt the fizz of excitement start bubbling through her veins. )

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Hello!  Time for more picspam.

This time, it's of Simmingfordbury (currently situated in Bluewater but I want to change that at some point) and the first part of the Simdon spam.  (Sorry Marina, you have to wait for part two of that for the pictures I know you want to see).  So on with the spam!

Quite a few pictures )
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Ok, so I've been tagged twice for this meme, once by Lea for Vicky and once by Fire for Anne.  Here goes.  :D

1. Post 10 facts about your character.
2. Tag 5 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creators' usernames.
4. You can tag back!
Vicky )
Anne )

Tagging stuff )
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My response for this prompt was far too long, so you get to read it over here instead.
“I want a life that is mine!” (Memoirs of a Geisha) )
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Well the interlude is done, and that means that it is that time again when I share my thoughts and some picspam from the making of it. If you've not read Vicky's interlude, I suggest you do so before clicking on the cut, since this does contain items of a spoilery nature. :)

About 70 pics and a lot of talk )

So that's what went on behind the scenes with this. I've probably forgotten a few things I was going to talk about, but I think I've talked enough for now.
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Comments to everything coming later, but for now, it's done:

Comments at Boolprop as per usual please.
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Part one is done, and since it's going to take me another couple of weeks to get part two shot, and this is a monster story, you get to read the first part now.

As always, I hope you enjoy, and can you comment over at Boolprop please.
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I've been doing more set up for Joe's punishment tonight.  I've got nearly everyone in the neighbourhood now., just need to put in a couple more simselves and Joe of course.

I did come up with a bit of a puzzler though.  This is the 'hood I did my Halloween photoshoot in, so I have quite a few gen 4 sims about, and I was going to bring them into it.  Well I need to pack out that amphitheatre don't I?  The thing is every other sim in the project is dressed modernly, so I wasn't sure whether to do the same with them or not.

What are you going on about Di? )
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Ok so this entry is a day later than I planned.  I've got the week off this week, and yesterday I was planning on getting the boys through their final year, but I opened the game, thought about it and had a panic attack that Simmouth was so not ready for anyone to holiday there.  So I spent the day building lots rather than playing.  I will share pictures later in the post.

Oh, also my last 3 chapter uploads have been downrated, a lot.  Day 6 of the BC has gone down from 4.69 -> 4.51; 15.2a has gone from 4.66 -> 4.46 and 15.2b from 4.62 -> 4.42.  It makes me laugh that people spend their energy doing that.  I mean really, either they really didn't like that Nerd won, and my new plots, OR they are sadsacks with no lives.  I will admit I might be getting a bit upset if I was still in the position where I was getting very little feedback at Boolprop for it, but as it is, I'll take what you all say there over the ratings system any day.  ETA I was just looking at my simpage for something and noticed that others including day 3 have been downrated too. 

So...who is this Marielle Bird anyway? )

Right that's it for now.  Since the cuts are effed up, this probably looks a mess, so sorry about that, I don't know if I can fix it.
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Well with both parts of chapter 14 now posted, I thought I'd share some thoughts on it and quite a few pictures that didn't make it.

First of all, I found chapter 14 very difficult to write, especially the first part, mainly because it was game-play based rather than plot based.  I find having a plot for a chapter makes things so much more fluid to write, so I came up with some character based scenes to 1 make it easier for me and 2 try to drive the chapter along.   I'm pleased with how they turned out, and I hope that you all enjoyed reading them.

Something else I wanted to do with this chapter was to start pushing Edward to the fore, whilst having William step back, but not disappear completely because there were still things I wanted him to do.  I'm happy with the balance I've struck, and I think that my readers should now feel like they know Edward, and will look forward to him taking over from William.

Ok, onto some pictures I think:

Out takes )
 Gosh that's a lot of pictures, Hope you liked them.
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The last few days in the main house have been rather busy, and I've had a few birthdays.

Piccies )

When I was writing chapter 13, I had a bit of trouble making up my mind what picture of Henry I should end on.

Grrr )

This is my third weekend playing this rotation at the main house, but a lot of the reason it is taking so long is because of all the time I'm spending at the shops.  I really want the fifth shop to get to level 10 before Edward takes over as heir.  It's currently at level 8 and he has three days before I send him to uni, so it will get done. 

I've been neglecting Eddie's social life recently, which given that he's a popularity sim isn't very good, but I'm planning on making it up to him the next time I play.

I've got the outline for the next chapter about sorted, I'm just a tad fuzzy on some of the details, but I'll sort them out when I go through the photos properly.  It might be a two parter again, because I want to catch up with the spares before generation four hits uni.

ETA: William is now the proud owner of 5 level 10 businesses.  WOOT I am very pleased about this.  The last star came just as Di entered the shop from none other than Dorian.   D'you think he is trying to get back into her good books?
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I've finished shooting my plotty scenes and I'm playing the main family for the first time since the beginning of April.  I am enjoying it so much, I hadn't realised how much I missed playing the main branch until I loaded the lot.


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