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Progress on the next chapter has been virtually non-existent this week, mainly because I've felt exhausted every evening, and my brain doesn't want to give me words that make sense.  In fact this post probably won't make sense in places, so sorry about that.  Anyway, even though I'm struggling with writing the next chapter, I have been working on things for the neighbourhood, which will eventually show up in the story, as evidenced by my last post.  For the past goodness knows how many months, I've been thinking about Simford, and been working on the first community lot there.

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Really busy the past few weeks with regards to my game and simming. First off, I completed Myshuno! and started to think more about my characters and writing, which really pleased me. I’m still not at the stage where I can sit down tonight and start writing the next chapter, but I’m able to think about it and writing a certain character without having a panic attack. This is a massive step forward from where I’ve been most of the past year and a bit.

Lots of blabber about my game follows. )

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SO with the xmas special over and done with, I'm back to working on the rebuild, and it's going well.  With the exception of the society houses, I've got every other complete lot now in the new hood, and the new dummy hood.  I also finished furnishing a lot I've had half finished for over two years, so I'm pleased about that.  I now have three lots I need to build for the move and/or the next set of chapters, one small and two large with specific purposes.  Of course, the lot I decided I wanted to build last week, wasn't any of those.  It was a completely unrelated farm.

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So, the rebuild is going quite well.  It's slow (not helped by the fact I keep getting distracted by Minecraft and TS3), but it is going, and I'm pleased with it.  Anyway, the big thing I've been working on for the past few days, is the redecorating of the main house.  I was going to wait until chapter 25 to post a tour, but I've found that at the moment, if I don't do what I want to, when I think about it, I don't get it done.  This is one reason why I haven't finished any of the ideas I've had for Myshuno! lately.  So, since I feel like posting the house tour now, that's what I'm going to do.  (For a look at how the house used to look, see this post I made for my publishing legaversary.)

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So this is only slightly late but the 30th June 2007 was the day I published my first chapter.  I've tried very hard to get a chapter out on that day ever since, but it's not happened this year.  To make up for it, I've put together a tour of my neighbourhood and some of my favourite houses and a couple of new community lots for you.  Enjoy.

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Hello, hello.  I've been a bit quiet lately, ever since I realised that I needed to get one of the big three things on my to do list done, before I can make any sort of progress with the legacy itself.  Either that or I'm just procrastinating.  :p

As such, I decided to get on with rebuilding my university, after all I need it done for both playing chapter 24 and setting up the blank neighbourhood.  I decided to go for  a sort of Oxbridge-y feel, using Acadamie Le Tour as a base.  I've made over nearly all of the lots, the only two I haven't that you can see here are the ALT coffee shop and one of the original dorms that looks good from the outside and won't ever be seen from the inside. 

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An entry that's not a birthday greeting or notice of an update?  I can hardly believe it either!
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Slow going

Sep. 30th, 2009 08:20 pm
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Hello you lovely peoples you. I felt like aimlessly chatting in the hopes that it will make me write quicker, or something. That's because work on Vicky's interlude is going very slowly, and I've been trying to peg down why. I've written only 88 slides, which is about 2 pages of my outline, and is only the start of the adventure really.  Last night I wrote only 10 slides, which is rubbish for about two hours work.  I think I've figured it out though.

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Ok, so I promised pictures of the alley set once I had finished set dressing it and lit it. They were delayed by the fact that my cameraman mode got a bit borked and I had to resort to a back up of the neighbour hood. Anyway, the lot is now done, lit and apart from the pose boxes, ready for me to shoot on.

Ah slum living )

So how are all of you today?

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Despite all that has been going on the past week or so, I have still been simming.  I've really not wanted to play as such (especially the two days I had off of work), since I don't trust my concentration.  I especially didn't want to open up the asylum in case I left it running while was surfing the web, or away from my desk.  

Not that I've already done that twice and lost about 24 sim hours, nope not done that at all, certainly didn't go and get the washing in and therefore let the game run for about 14 sim hours and so didn't get Ari to gain the skillpoint she needed to get a promotion the next day, that didn't happen, no siree.

My fair capital )

That's it for sims stuff for now.

Blah LJ

Jul. 14th, 2009 02:51 pm
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So I wrote out a little post this morning, and LJ went and eated it, leaving only the following when I went to post it:

No thi

That makes sense doesn't it? So I'm going to attempt to post it again.

Right well I started off by moaning about the fact that I'm building a lot which contains lots of buildings and needs to have a specific look to it. I don't want to use the same windows for all the buildings, so I'm going round looking for cc ones. It's not working: I can't find what I want, so I'm a bit peeved about that. If anyone knows of any pre-1890, grimey windows in a British architectural style, please let me know. I've trawled all my usual places and I'm stuck for new ideas.
piccies )

Second part of the post was to say that the nice people over at Dreamwidth have given me an invite code, so if anyone wants one, it's up for grabs. It's on a first come, first serve basis, so let me know, and once it's gone, it's gone.  EDIT.  Lea was the lucky lady to get this, so it's gone.


Jun. 12th, 2009 09:30 pm
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Hello, don't get too close, I have a stinking cold, I'm afraid.

That kinda explains why I've not been chatty this week.  Work has let off, but when I'm not feeling well, my tolerance level bottoms out, and my filters stop working.  It's best for me to step away from the keyboard in case I read something stupid and post something I'll regret later. 

I've also not really felt like writing (although I have done a bit and have 50-odd slides left to do), or playing or building.  In fact I've not felt like doing anything simswise at all, so I've been playing Civ City Rome.  Now I knew it was ages since I last played it, but my last saved game dated from 2006.   ...Yeah.  Anyway I've been enjoying playing that for a bit, and it's been a nice change of pace.  I'm also thinking about putting Pharaoh on this pc, but I've never managed to get the EP, Cleopatra, to work on an XP machine, and the EP adds so much that I like to the gameplay.  I might have a look, see if I can find a work-around like the one I found for Monkey Island 3.  I cannot tell you how happy I was when I realised I could get Curse working on an XP machine.

No playing means I have no real picspam to share, but I have got a few pics of a house I built a month ago.  I built it for a borrowed sim.  Basically I had moved her into a downloaded lot, but i didn't like it, so I built her a new one.  Because of the size of it (2 bedrooms) and how I landscaped the garden it does look a bit more cottagey than I planned, but I like it, and actually I can extend it easily to make it bigger etc.  I've actually moved Timothy into a clone of this and will redeocrate it before Lauri moves in too.

House pics )

Anyway, I think that's enough from me.  The new Top Gear DVD was in Smith's today, so I'm going to go and laugh myself silly watching it.  Well, laughter is the best medicine.

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Yes indeedy, it's time for me to waffle on about my latest chapter and share some of the pictures that didn't make it.

First of all I knew that this chapter would not be a happy one for you all to read (the next one won't be great either I'm afraid) but I feel I need to do this in order to do the storyline that's been in my head since last June justice.  Sometimes I get an idea in my head that just needs to be told, and this is one of them I'm afraid.  It's not easy for me to do at all, because Eddie and his family are just sweethearts and need to be happy, but do it I must.

Pretty picturs and more talk. )

That's all the out-takes I've got for you today, but I did want to talk about a couple of other things.

I really did grin like an idiot when I saw the Stanley secret, and again when I saw Anthony and read the historical legacy secret too.  It means a lot to me that I've caught people's imaginations with my little creations.    Stanley's queue is going to get rather long, but I don't think he'll mind in the slightest.

I've been building. )

Anyway I think that's enough from me tonight.

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It's a bit late I know, but Happy New Year everyone.  I hope things are going well for you so far this year. 

I've been pretty busy with my game so I thought I'd share what I've been doing, and of course that means picspam.

Clicky, clicky. )

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I'm still slogging through the rotation, and for the most part it is still going well.  The only thing is that I've had a couple of things happen over the last two days that worry me slightly.  I can probably dismiss them as just one of those things, and two of them I've had happen before, but I'm still worried. 

You see I had to pop into Di's house for a bit, and whilst there I thought I'd better clear the trash from her memories.  When I looked at her memories, she had a memory of kissing herself for the first time.  Now I have had this happen before when two sims have made out in a hot tub, and nothing bad came of it, so I'm hoping it's just that.

The second thing is that when Sophia got married, Catherine had a memory of her joining the family even though she was already a member.  Again I have seen this happen before, so here's hoping it's just a glitch.

The more worrying things are that I have 3 sims with LTWs who shouldn't have them.  Two are a Newson toddler and child, and the other is Ernie, SimAngela's son.  The two Newson children, well they are Maxis sims and odd things do sometimes happen with Maxis sims, but Ernie...  The last time I was in their house he didn't have a LTW and the only thing I have done since is patch the game.   He's also rolling teen and adult fortune sim  wants: as a toddler he wanted to buy a car.  I've also had a couple of sims reroll their LTW with no help from me, and I am getting LTWs that don't correspond to a sims aspiration.  Since I have never done any of the the things on the VBT list, I am really hoping that these are just odd glitches, and do not mean that the neighbourhood is heading for a melt down.   I do backup regularly, but if there is a problem, I would be worried about how far back the problem goes.   Now I can rebuild: I've done it before, I'd just really rather not.

*sigh*  So that's my worries, now who wants pictures?

Spares and such )

So tha'ts it for the rotation at the moment.  Hopefully the glitches aren't too bad, and my 'hood won't explode. 

I have one more thing I want to share.  I've built the first set for my plan with Joe.  I'm pretty pleased with it: it's simple but effective.

I wouldn't want to walk down here alone at night... )
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Ok so this entry is a day later than I planned.  I've got the week off this week, and yesterday I was planning on getting the boys through their final year, but I opened the game, thought about it and had a panic attack that Simmouth was so not ready for anyone to holiday there.  So I spent the day building lots rather than playing.  I will share pictures later in the post.

Oh, also my last 3 chapter uploads have been downrated, a lot.  Day 6 of the BC has gone down from 4.69 -> 4.51; 15.2a has gone from 4.66 -> 4.46 and 15.2b from 4.62 -> 4.42.  It makes me laugh that people spend their energy doing that.  I mean really, either they really didn't like that Nerd won, and my new plots, OR they are sadsacks with no lives.  I will admit I might be getting a bit upset if I was still in the position where I was getting very little feedback at Boolprop for it, but as it is, I'll take what you all say there over the ratings system any day.  ETA I was just looking at my simpage for something and noticed that others including day 3 have been downrated too. 

So...who is this Marielle Bird anyway? )

Right that's it for now.  Since the cuts are effed up, this probably looks a mess, so sorry about that, I don't know if I can fix it.
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I didn't feel like playing today, so I decided to do some building in Simmouth instead.

I've finished the parade of shops next to the pier and the bathing beach, complete with bathing machines, so I thought I'd share pictures.

Simmouth )
I've still got a couple of beach lots to build, the theatre and botanical gardens to tweak to my liking, a stately home to sort out, a bath house to build and a boarding house and hotel to design.  I'm going to concentrate on the community lots, and probably just do the exterior of the hotels since Edward and his wife will be staying at the cottage.

Legacy wise, I've got to play through Alexandra's final year, and shoot a few scenes with her as well as getting Vicky, Louisa and Rosie into the VPLS.  I can then rush through the other dorms before shooting lots of plotty bits in the neighbourhood for chapter 12.3.  So yeah lots to do, and once I've done all that, I can hopefully get generation 5 started.

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I'm in the mood to ramble at the moment, some of it will be about sims, some of it won't.  In fact lets start with a rant not related to sims in any way, shape or form. 

Some people need to learn to drive )

Now I've got that off my chest, let's talk sims.

Bc bits )

Regalton stuff )
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...because I'm not as far along with what I want to do as I had hoped to be.  Ah well I do keep getting distracted by the Olympics.

Anyway, I got chapter 15.1 blocked out today, which is good.  I'm not too happy with it though, which isn't.  My shortlist is currently 132 pictures, and although I know that includes scenes where I'm not sure what picture to use yet, there are also some where I might want to add a few.  Also, I don't think it flows well yet.  I'm going to put everything into Word tomorrow and then I think I'll see what happens when I start to write. 

This weekend I'm planning on shooting the prologue for the BC, and I've got everyone in the neighbourhood ready.  This means I've completed the observers' house, so I thought I'd share it with you.

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When I opened the game earlier I didn't feel like playing, I felt like building.  Not my usual draw a few boxes, stick a roof on it, make it look vaguely Victorian sort of building either.  Oh no it was a make the roof look nice, landscape the garden sort of building feeling.  Since I've got two buildings to make for Theo's BC I was pleased.  So I got my Victorian design books out and started flicking through them.  I came a cross a line drawing of a country villa, and ... let's just say I was a bit inspired.


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