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So, this is the car I was sat behind in traffic today:

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So my exciting days out ended last Thursday, with one of my favourite days out ever. I’ve not really made much mention of this here, but those of you who talk to me on AIM will know this, but I ADORE the Olympic and Paralympic games. Absolutely adore them. I don’t watch much sport, and in fact most of it bores me to death, but I’ve been a fan of the Olympics since I watched my first games, the Seoul games in 1988. I’ve been a fan of the Paralympics since 2000. I cannot get enough of them, and am glued to the telly when they’re on. Well, them being in London, I really wanted to go, I mean I doubt I’ll ever get the opportunity again. Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful in getting tickets to the Olympics. Don’t get me started on the diabolical ticket process, and really don’t get me started on how many empty seats there were in the events I really wanted to see (swimming and artistic gymnastics) because the corporate peoples who were given free tickets didn’t bloody well turn up. I gave up in the end, but my best friend didn’t. Like me, she loves the Olympics, but she loves the athletics the most. Well, she texted me the morning after we’d spent a Saturday watching the Olympics together, saying she couldn’t get Olympic tickets, but she could get Paralympic tickets, would I be interested in going with her? Well, I practically snatched her hand off. It turns out she wasn’t sure if I’d want to go, because it was an athletics session, and she knows I find athletics a bit boring. And it’s true, I do find able-bodied athletics a bit boring, but I love Paralympic athletics. So, last Thursday, before eight o’clock in the morning, I found myself standing in the shadow of the Orbit in the Olympic Park, looking at the Olympic Stadium.

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Sep. 12th, 2012 07:43 pm
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The thing with living so near to London, is that it’s just there. I take it for granted and don’t really appreciate how wonderful it is. I mean, I love the city and enjoy going up there, but I never really look at it as a tourist. Well, the day after we got back from York, I did actually go up to London and do touristy things, and, for the first time ever, I remembered to take my camera with me.

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I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get round to posting the third and final part of my trip to the York Castle Museum, but I was really, really ill about a week/two weeks ago, and still haven't fully recovered: I still get uncomfortable sitting for long periods, and I'm still very tired and lacking in energy.  However, I'm here now, so here we go.

The first two parts of this write up are about the North building, and this one will cover the South building.  Again, there is lots to see and do, but we didn't spend so long in this buildign because of the time when we got into it.  The first lot of displays are all to do with the Civil War and the battles around York.  I'm sure it's very interesting to those who are interested in this period of English history, but the Civil War and resulting Republic have always left me cold.  Maybe it's because executing a monarch is not a very English thing to do, coupled with how miserable the Republic was, but I've never cared for it, and so I didn't take any pictures.

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If you missed it, the first part of my adventures at the York castle museum can be found here. This next part, covers the part of the museum I took the most pictures of, because it is the best bit. An authentic recreation of a Victorian street. It’s what the museum is known for and it is completely, completely awesome. They revamped it for this season, and extended it, but I'll talk about the extensions as and when I get to those parts. Hold onto your hats folks, because this is a BIG section.

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I'm back from York!  And it turns out that if you are in York and you have any interest in the Victorian era, then you HAVE to go to the York Castle Museum.  (Other eras are represented, but there is more Victorian exhibits than any other time period).  It is an absolutely brilliant museum and I thoroughly recommend it.  I also took lots of pictures, and so I'm going to share them with you all now.  Fair warning, these pictures are large and will probably be slow to download, but I'm too tired to try to edit them all.

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Right, so either this is one huge co-incidence and I'm reading too much into this, or someone has a sense of humour and is a Who fan.

This is a picture of a range of glasses which the company I work for uses.  The design is called Saxon.  Look at the name of the manufacturer.

Made me grin like a loon when this email came through today.  :D
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I realise that it's a little while since I posted something letting you all know how things are doing, so I thought I'd put that right this evening.
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I didn't get my car back today,

The bodyshop resealed the pedal box last night, but when the technician checked it this morning, he wasn't happy with the job they did, so he told them to redo it.  The upshot is that it wasn't dry or ready for me to have today, and since they are closed Monday due to the bank holiday, I can't get it back until Tuesday.  Luckily Mum will be able to give me a lift to work on Tuesday, otherwise I would be in trouble, but yes, I am carless and it is horrible.  I mean really I'm glad they want to make sure it's  done properly for me this time, since I don't want to have to take it back again, but I am feeling pretty despondent at the moment. 

On the plus side, Flesh and Blood was awesome, and I'm going to go and rewatch it on the iplayer after Confidential has finished.

Car update

Apr. 30th, 2010 06:39 pm
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I took my car to the garage this morning to see if they can fix the leak once and for all, since I'm fed up with it being all smelly and such like.  Plus, you know living in a country where it tends to rain (and is raining now), having water seeping in is not good.  I hadn't heard from the garage at 4.05, so I gave them a call, since I was planning on going over there to pick it up at 5, and wanted to make sure it was ready for me.  I was told, the technicians (I always call  them mechanics, but apparently they are technicians) had been water testing it all day, and it hadn't been leaking.

"Ok," I thought, "that's Sod's Law, but perhaps I'd overloaded the drainage system with the hose,  it shouldn't happen, but there you go.  If they can't find a leak, I'll just have to see how it goes." 

I got a call about fifteen minutes later.  The car's leaking, but the technician is at a bit of a loss as to where it is coming in.  It's coming in through the foam above the pedals, but the only thing there is the pedal box.  What they were going to do is take the entire dash out, reseal the pedal box, and put the dash back in.  It won't be ready until tomorrow, and then there is no guarantee that it is the pedal box leaking.  They'll have to do another water test.

The upshot of this, is that I am without a car until tomorrow and I feel bereft, even though I don't need it until Tuesday.  Also, the leak has nothing to do with the drainage system and what the garage did three weeks ago, wouldn't have stopped it, even though the car no longer smelled when I picked it up.  Because of this, they will at least be taking the money I've already paid them off of the bill, so that's yay.  (Still going to be over £130 though, but heigh ho, it needs doing).

I just hope this fixes it.


Apr. 24th, 2010 01:13 pm
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Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks.

As some of you know, I had a leak in my car, which was making it smell of damp.  I took it to the garage, who apparently sorted it.

It hasn't really rained since.

Well, today I decided to wash the ash off of it that has settled on it.  This necessitated the use of a hose.

I have water in the driver's footwell again.  It is still leaking.  I am going to have to call the garage on Monday and get it booked in again, for them to find out what is going on and why I'm getting water coming into the car, when I really shouldn't.

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*waves* Hello everyone, happy Guy Fawkes Night. I'm afraid I don't have a Bonfire Bash for you all this year, in fact it's the first year I've been playing this neighbourhood I've not done one. So there's no Stuart and Bertie traipsing round the village asking for a penny for the Guy, no Christopher using one of Anthony's dress shirts to make his Guy, and no gathering of legacy sims in my simself's back garden, watching Indy and Connor run around lighting fireworks and laughing when they go off in their faces.  Of course that also means that there is no me watching Connor and Vicky like a hawk (they have only 2 bolts, but with 19 outgoing points between them, they have a tendency to not leave each other alone when they are on the same lot.  I'm waiting for one of other of them to do an inappropriate hug, or back rub.  *looks at Connor*), so maybe it's not all bad. ;)

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I Hope everyone else is ok, and hopefully I'll be a bit more visible soon. 

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So I tried to make a start on catching up with comments since so many stories have been updated lately.  I failed.  I wrote one, but it's rubbish and I can't get up the energy to think of anything other than "I loved this" to write for the rest.  I will try again, because I hate the thought that I haven't responded properly to what everyone has put out recently.  Maybe this weekend.

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So that's me at the moment.  A bit brain dead and drained, but starting to at least want to get back into the swing of things.  How are you all?

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Right last post from me for a few days.  I'm being picked up shortly so I can start my journey to NYC.  I am very excited, and to all of you living in North America, I will soon be on the same continent as you, the same country as some of you, the same state as a couple of you, and the same city as one of you. Hehe.

I will see you all anon, hopefully with pictures.

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I'm in the mood to ramble at the moment, some of it will be about sims, some of it won't.  In fact lets start with a rant not related to sims in any way, shape or form. 

Some people need to learn to drive )

Now I've got that off my chest, let's talk sims.

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