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So this meme was going around about a year ago, and I suddenly felt the urge to look at it again and complete one for Sophia.  I thought that some of you might also be interested in reading it, so I'm posting it here.

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom )
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So there's this thing going around that looks like it might be quite fun, and will hopefully get me motivated for my story again.  (Filming is still happening very slowly, and was slowed down even more thanks to the fact that I was very ill for just over a week). 

In a comment, tell me what you think is going to happen in a Victorian Legacy.  It can be something you've picked up on from my drabbles, things you know will happen, or wild speculation.  I'm screening all the comments, and won't be replying to them.  This is meant to be fun, and act as a point of reference for what you know.  It'll also let me see how good or bad a job I've been doing with setting everything up.

So have at it, and have fun.
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I've not forgotten Marielle, but I promised Cait I'd post one for Bethany, if she did one for Ezra, so here you go.

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom )
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The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom )
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I will respond to comments on my last post later, but for now, I wanted to get this posted.  It's a character meme that [livejournal.com profile] mzyra first posted, for Sarah Jane

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom )
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This is my first response for the + 5000 fall in love meme organised by [livejournal.com profile] fireflowersims.

Title:  Oh For a Bit of Peace and Quiet.
Prompt: A&A: Valentine's day...but they have SIX kids. I can't imagine a lot of private time in there from [livejournal.com profile] peasant007
Rating: PG I suppose. 
Summary:  Anthony and Alexandra return home after a night out on Valentine's Day.
Notes: Argh, I’m so rusty. I’m not overly pleased with how this all read once I got it down on paper. It sounded so much better in my head when I was thinking it up. It doesn’t seem to flow as well as I would like, at all. But then again, asking for prompts for this meme, is a way to get me back to writing, so hopefully that’s all to the good, and I’ll improve. That being said, this did turn out being longer than I thought it would, and could probably do with editing.

On to notes about the circumstances of this piece. It’s set not long after Zane joined the family (my time of year is all messed up I know, but that’s the constraints of the game for you), so all six of the children are at home. Their rough ages are: Bethany and Christopher, 17, coming up 18, David, 14, Sarah Jane, 12, Zane 10 and Mickey 9.
Word Count: 2041

Now where were we? )

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I got tagged by[livejournal.com profile] regacylady for this, so here ya go.  :D

three, three, three )

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So [livejournal.com profile] profbutters originally linked to this My Little Pony Generator and a lot of my friends list have joined in with making ponies of their simmies.  Well, it looked like so much fun, I decided to join in.  :D  I've added the tattoos on the rumps myself because, well I had to.

Simmie Ponies this way. )
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My second prompt response for the +8000 wedding meme.  The prompt came from Cait and was Sarah Jane/Isabella arguing over who gets to wear the more expensive (wedding ring/dress/jewelry, etc.) for the ceremony.

I must have made a mistake while calculating the cost when I was asked )
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Here's my response for the first prompt I was thrown over at the +8000 wedding meme in celebration of the fact that New York has legalised gay marriage (woooo!).

The prompt from Jess was Charlotta/Hannah - getting ready before they get married.

Note, due to historical laws, this isn’t canon, even though Charlotta’s want panel for most of her life wished it was. Enjoy.

"Then we will have double bad luck." )


I have two more prompts to fill still, so expect more from me.
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Ok maybe not blindly, because this looks like a lot of fun.

Give me one of the characters from my story and I will tell you:
* How I feel about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing that will happen to this character in the future of my story.
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Ok, so I feel a bit cheeky doing this, when I’ve not really been participating in the meme when others have been doing it. My excuse is that I’m knackered in the evenings, and all my inspiration and deductive reasoning is suffering as a result.

Anyway, here is my 15 characters meme. They’re all from my legacy, and as such, they're all related in some way, so some questions could get a bit squicky.

1) Make a list of 15 characters first.

2) Ask your flist to post questions in the comments. (Go ahead, ask several! That's a lot of characters.)

For example:
"4, 6, 12 & 15 are starting a band together, what is their name and what kind of music do they play? Also, who's the lead singer, and what instruments do the others play?"

3) After your flist has asked enough questions, round them up and answer them using the 15 characters you selected beforehand, and then post them.

4) Guessing time!

Guessed sims )
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Shiver me timbers )
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So a few weeks back, [livejournal.com profile] ellirynia  asked me for ten facts about Eddie and Bertie.  At the time I was in the middle of building, and not at all in the frame of mind to sit down and do them.  Why yes, I do get very single minded, why do you ask?  Now, however, I've started writing the next chapter and am once again thinking about my characters, so I've finished it up.
More facts for you all )
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So, i completely missed that Pen had asked for some facts on Christopher when I read her comment the other day.  I'm really sorry about that Pen, but here you are at last., 10 facts about Christopher.

Christopher Smith )

So there you have it.  If you have anyone else you want facts on, shout.  :D
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I've been asked to do another one of these memes, but for Carmen this time.   :D

Carmen Leong )
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I've been tagged by Ang to do Anthony, which is cool.  These really are fun to do, since I can get some of the nonsense I have in my head about my characters down on paper to share.

So, here we go. 

Anthony Smith )

Ok, no real tagging again, but Ang ([livejournal.com profile] peasant007 ) you don't seem to have done many, so I'm tagging you back.  I want to know 10 facts about Ansley please.  Of course if you don't want to do it, you don't have to, and anyone else who wants to do it, feel free.


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