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Following on from the llama mascot yesterday, I decided to sort out the cow mascot today.

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Last week on tumblr, I was lamenting the fact that I still hadn’t decided what to do about the llama mascot in Regalton.  Heidi had the brilliant suggestion to use the mesh I’ve been using for Bertie and the rest of the footballers, so that’s what I was going to do.  However, this morning when I woke up, my brain started mulling the idea over, and I decided that, since we’d already seen the football team a lot over the last few chapters, maybe using that kit wasn’t the best idea.  But hang on, what if my mascot was the captain of the cricket team?  That’d work.

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The Legacy Society.

(Stuart Legacy, Albert Legacy, Andrew Harrison, David Smith, Peter Harrison),
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The Victorian Privileged Ladies Society.

(Celestia Harrison, Azula Fizthugh, Elle Fitzhugh).

(Thanks to Marina for the loan of Azula and Elle).


May. 14th, 2012 08:08 pm
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Soooo, all the townies are in and (nearly) all the npcs are created and made over.  I'm still missing some, but I can wait and make them over as the game generates them (in both hoods).

A list and some pictures this way )

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Five years ago today, a naïve young lady started a challenge that she thought would take a year, two tops, by plonking a sim called Gabe Legacy on a lot in a subhood of Pleasantview.

Some ruminations and a few pictures )

But to finish, I do want to give something more to you all, as a token of my thanks and appreciation for all the support, encouragement and friendship you've given me over the past five years.  So, what I'm going to do, is something I've not done before and open this entry up to questions.  Is there something you really want to know about my sims or characters?  Perhaps you want to know how old Eddie is, or what's Sarah Jane's favourite colour.  Do you want to know more about Sophia's relationship with her father?  You can ask anything, but be aware that I'm not going to spoil my upcoming plot here.  Anything that does look like it'll be too spoilery, I won't answer, and anything that I'm not comfortable sharing with everyone, I might send you a pm about.  But ask away!
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I’m not going to be sharing lots of pictures from the last rotation, or even doing them in the new look I was working on, for a couple of simple reasons. One, I played this rotation very quickly, and took hardly any pictures because I want to get on with the rebuild and two, thanks to that rebuild things look a bit odd in Regalton at the moment. As part of the rebuild, I’ve completed Project Refit and also went and removed all of Nouk’s original colours from my hair folder, meaning that with a few hairs for my blokes, all the hairs I have in game are now in the colours I use from Pooklet’s palette. I’ve also made various improvements on pieces of cc (such as rescaling Nani’s neighbourhood deco from MTS) since I last played the neighbourhood. This means that I’ve pulled quite a bit of my cc lately and, well things look a little strange.

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More picspam will probably follow later, since I do have things I want to share from the rotation, but for the time being:

A few pictures )
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Ah, and so we come to the final part of the picspam for this rotation.  Like I say, I'm working on changing the way i do picspams slightly, so this is also the last old style picspam I'm doing.  This is all picspam from the Legacy Society.  There are some good reasons for why there are so many pictures of the Legacy Society and I MAKE NO APOLOGIES FOR IT.

Moar picspam )
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I have picspam for you once again.  As soon as I've finished posting the second part of this, I can start playing again, so yay!  Looking forward to that.

A little bit of picspam )
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So, I've finished shooting and playing for chapter 24.1.  I've got far too many pictures as always, but I've not felt like starting to put them in order yet/  I did think that I'd share a few random pictures with you all though, to whet your appetite as it were, for when I do get my act together.  :D

A few pictures. )
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Hello, hello.  I've been a bit quiet lately, ever since I realised that I needed to get one of the big three things on my to do list done, before I can make any sort of progress with the legacy itself.  Either that or I'm just procrastinating.  :p

As such, I decided to get on with rebuilding my university, after all I need it done for both playing chapter 24 and setting up the blank neighbourhood.  I decided to go for  a sort of Oxbridge-y feel, using Acadamie Le Tour as a base.  I've made over nearly all of the lots, the only two I haven't that you can see here are the ALT coffee shop and one of the original dorms that looks good from the outside and won't ever be seen from the inside. 

Ton of pictures (120+) and some boring words. )
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Wow, this playing malarky means I actually have pictures to share with you all. I've been meaning to share some of these for the past 2 weeks, so there are lots of them I'm afraid, and I apologise to those of you with slower connections.

LOTS of piccies (100+) )

i still have a few days to play in the rotation before I'm able to get to the main house, but for now, this is it. Lots of pictures for you, and I'm sorry the captions were so uninspired. I really must post more, smaller picspams rather than leave it to one big post. Anyway, that's what I've been doing in the game. I hope you enjoyed it.

Busy, busy

Feb. 25th, 2009 12:10 am
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I seem to suddenly have loads I want to achieve this week with regards to the sims, so if I'm a bit quiet online it's probably because I'm working on those projects.  Because I feel like talking tonight though I thought I'd share what I'm up to with you all.

First of all I've been playing.  I've got to shoot Vicky, Rosemary and Louisa's graduation party as part of the next chapter, and then once I've sped through the other three uni lots (where I can cheat my little heart out because they are all distant cousins) I'm back in the main house to shoot the rest of the chapter and start with chapter 20 too.

Anyway playing means I have picspam for you.

Picspam with the girls )

As well as playing I'm working on a couple of CC projects.  The first is a new alien skintone.  I mentioned in my reply to Prof in my vampire skintone post that I fancied having a go at making a green skintone with a hint of silver to it.  Once I got the idea into my head it wouldn't go, so I sat down and ended up with a skintone that looked nice in Bodyshop on the mannequins there.  Bodyshop isn't the best testing ground, so I finished the adult skins and imported the skin into the game.  I transferred it to my dummy game and went looking in CAS for a couple of aliens.  Here's the results of my test:

More fun with skintones )

The other thing I'm doing at the moment is another Herter Brothers wallpaper and  ceiling set.  I finished the lower border this evening, but thought I'd share how this came together for any of you who are interested.

Wallpapering )

So that's what I've been up to.  If I go a bit quiet it's because I've got caught up in what I'm doing.

How is everyone else today?
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Ok so this entry is a day later than I planned.  I've got the week off this week, and yesterday I was planning on getting the boys through their final year, but I opened the game, thought about it and had a panic attack that Simmouth was so not ready for anyone to holiday there.  So I spent the day building lots rather than playing.  I will share pictures later in the post.

Oh, also my last 3 chapter uploads have been downrated, a lot.  Day 6 of the BC has gone down from 4.69 -> 4.51; 15.2a has gone from 4.66 -> 4.46 and 15.2b from 4.62 -> 4.42.  It makes me laugh that people spend their energy doing that.  I mean really, either they really didn't like that Nerd won, and my new plots, OR they are sadsacks with no lives.  I will admit I might be getting a bit upset if I was still in the position where I was getting very little feedback at Boolprop for it, but as it is, I'll take what you all say there over the ratings system any day.  ETA I was just looking at my simpage for something and noticed that others including day 3 have been downrated too. 

So...who is this Marielle Bird anyway? )

Right that's it for now.  Since the cuts are effed up, this probably looks a mess, so sorry about that, I don't know if I can fix it.
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Hey hey, I enjoyed looking for out-takes and sharing my thoughts last chapter so I thought I'd do it again. 

First of all, I know that I have said this in most of my comments, but I really, really love playing and writing the three boys.  Not a day goes by when they don't do something to amuse me.  Writing them is so easy: I was worried about writing the last chapter since I wasn't entirely happy with the outline, but once I started, the words just flowed, in fact I could have kept writing once I'd finished it.

I was also setting up three story-lines in the chapter, including the BC, and although I have to say that they're not all going to be fun and games, i hope that everyone will enjoy reading them.

I'm planning on uploading the boys after university, but since that won't be for a month or so if anyone desperately wants them before then, let me know and I'll put them up for you.
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Yeah, so yesterday I said that pictures of Edward without a shirt on wouldn't make an update. HAH!, my game has other ideas.  I decided to have Eddie throw a toga party, sounds simple right?  Well for some reason both Edward and Alexandra (who was invited) didn't spin into togas, instead they were wearing pjs, and not their normal pjs either, look:

Everyone else was in togas, just not these two.  OK, I thought, I can just not put in any pictures from this party. HAH! what should happen but the secret society turn up to induct Edward into their ranks, so I have to.  Oh well, I doubt my readers will mind, it just breaks the Victorian illusion a bit.

On the subject of abs, I've also decided on putting in a scene with a shirtless Theo in, but that won't be until the second university chapter.

I've got 40-odd more slides to write for the next update, so I'm looking at getting the next chapter out on Tuesday or Wednesday, probably Tuesday.
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Hmm, I suppose I could share some university pictures with you too...

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So I finished my rotation today.  It was only a short one because of sending the second wave of the generation to university, two days in each house and no uni until the gang gets there.  I thought I'd do my usual and share pictures.


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