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The Smith Family

(Sarah Jane, Anthomy, Alexandra, Zane, Mickey).

(Thanks to Ang for the loan of Zane),
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The Tudor Family & Miss Legacy.

(Owen, Mari and Vicky).

(Thanks go to Lark for the loan of Owen and Mari).
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First up I wanted to apologise because I feel like a bad friend.  I keep popping up for a bit, posting something, replying to things and then disappearing, seemingly ignoring a lot of what is going on on my f-list.  I'm not ignoring it.  I'm reading almost all of it, but I've been dealing with some health issues since July.  At the moment, it's not looking like they are serious, although I still don't have answers, but it does mean that I've not been feeling that great, and I've not been feeling chatty.  At all.  So yes, I've been quiet apart from when I force myself to do something, or the guilt gets to me.

But you're not here for that.  You're here for the spam.

50 pictures under the cut. )


May. 14th, 2012 08:08 pm
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Soooo, all the townies are in and (nearly) all the npcs are created and made over.  I'm still missing some, but I can wait and make them over as the game generates them (in both hoods).

A list and some pictures this way )

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Five years ago today, a naïve young lady started a challenge that she thought would take a year, two tops, by plonking a sim called Gabe Legacy on a lot in a subhood of Pleasantview.

Some ruminations and a few pictures )

But to finish, I do want to give something more to you all, as a token of my thanks and appreciation for all the support, encouragement and friendship you've given me over the past five years.  So, what I'm going to do, is something I've not done before and open this entry up to questions.  Is there something you really want to know about my sims or characters?  Perhaps you want to know how old Eddie is, or what's Sarah Jane's favourite colour.  Do you want to know more about Sophia's relationship with her father?  You can ask anything, but be aware that I'm not going to spoil my upcoming plot here.  Anything that does look like it'll be too spoilery, I won't answer, and anything that I'm not comfortable sharing with everyone, I might send you a pm about.  But ask away!
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I’m not going to be sharing lots of pictures from the last rotation, or even doing them in the new look I was working on, for a couple of simple reasons. One, I played this rotation very quickly, and took hardly any pictures because I want to get on with the rebuild and two, thanks to that rebuild things look a bit odd in Regalton at the moment. As part of the rebuild, I’ve completed Project Refit and also went and removed all of Nouk’s original colours from my hair folder, meaning that with a few hairs for my blokes, all the hairs I have in game are now in the colours I use from Pooklet’s palette. I’ve also made various improvements on pieces of cc (such as rescaling Nani’s neighbourhood deco from MTS) since I last played the neighbourhood. This means that I’ve pulled quite a bit of my cc lately and, well things look a little strange.

60+ pictures under the cut )

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So this is only slightly late but the 30th June 2007 was the day I published my first chapter.  I've tried very hard to get a chapter out on that day ever since, but it's not happened this year.  To make up for it, I've put together a tour of my neighbourhood and some of my favourite houses and a couple of new community lots for you.  Enjoy.

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I'm back with more picspam!  I want to get the planned picspams finished before I start playing again, so I'm working on getting them done for you.  I'm going to be changing how I do picspmas slightly for the next rotation, but more on that in the future.  I've also been playing TSM and TS3 recently, and want to share my thoughts on them with you too.

But enough, waffle, on with the picspam!

More pictures now with added cuteness! )

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Hello!  Time for more picspam.

This time, it's of Simmingfordbury (currently situated in Bluewater but I want to change that at some point) and the first part of the Simdon spam.  (Sorry Marina, you have to wait for part two of that for the pictures I know you want to see).  So on with the spam!

Quite a few pictures )
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Wow, this playing malarky means I actually have pictures to share with you all. I've been meaning to share some of these for the past 2 weeks, so there are lots of them I'm afraid, and I apologise to those of you with slower connections.

LOTS of piccies (100+) )

i still have a few days to play in the rotation before I'm able to get to the main house, but for now, this is it. Lots of pictures for you, and I'm sorry the captions were so uninspired. I really must post more, smaller picspams rather than leave it to one big post. Anyway, that's what I've been doing in the game. I hope you enjoyed it.

Slow going

Sep. 30th, 2009 08:20 pm
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Hello you lovely peoples you. I felt like aimlessly chatting in the hopes that it will make me write quicker, or something. That's because work on Vicky's interlude is going very slowly, and I've been trying to peg down why. I've written only 88 slides, which is about 2 pages of my outline, and is only the start of the adventure really.  Last night I wrote only 10 slides, which is rubbish for about two hours work.  I think I've figured it out though.

Talk and pictures )
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Ok, so I promised pictures of the alley set once I had finished set dressing it and lit it. They were delayed by the fact that my cameraman mode got a bit borked and I had to resort to a back up of the neighbour hood. Anyway, the lot is now done, lit and apart from the pose boxes, ready for me to shoot on.

Ah slum living )

So how are all of you today?

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Despite all that has been going on the past week or so, I have still been simming.  I've really not wanted to play as such (especially the two days I had off of work), since I don't trust my concentration.  I especially didn't want to open up the asylum in case I left it running while was surfing the web, or away from my desk.  

Not that I've already done that twice and lost about 24 sim hours, nope not done that at all, certainly didn't go and get the washing in and therefore let the game run for about 14 sim hours and so didn't get Ari to gain the skillpoint she needed to get a promotion the next day, that didn't happen, no siree.

My fair capital )

That's it for sims stuff for now.

Silly sims

May. 3rd, 2009 10:05 pm
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I've not really had chance to play the last week, but today, once I'd finished doing some boring RL bits, I decided to fire up the game and see if I can get at least one of the weddings I need for the next chapter played and shot.  Simple right?

Err, no.  My sims had other ideas.

Crazy, glitchy wedding ahead )

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Yes indeedy, it's time for me to waffle on about my latest chapter and share some of the pictures that didn't make it.

First of all I knew that this chapter would not be a happy one for you all to read (the next one won't be great either I'm afraid) but I feel I need to do this in order to do the storyline that's been in my head since last June justice.  Sometimes I get an idea in my head that just needs to be told, and this is one of them I'm afraid.  It's not easy for me to do at all, because Eddie and his family are just sweethearts and need to be happy, but do it I must.

Pretty picturs and more talk. )

That's all the out-takes I've got for you today, but I did want to talk about a couple of other things.

I really did grin like an idiot when I saw the Stanley secret, and again when I saw Anthony and read the historical legacy secret too.  It means a lot to me that I've caught people's imaginations with my little creations.    Stanley's queue is going to get rather long, but I don't think he'll mind in the slightest.

I've been building. )

Anyway I think that's enough from me tonight.


Feb. 2nd, 2009 11:41 am
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...I've been feeling pretty blah about simming and my legacy and stuff for the past week.  I think it's because I've got things going on at work, and then I come home and find that I'm not making progress with my hobby.  It even spread to my enjoyment of reading other's legacies and commenting on them, which is why I've been a bit quiet. 

I really did feel like I've been getting no where fast with my rotation, and getting everything I need to write chapter 18.  Trouble is when I feel like that I don't want to play, so I do something else which means I don't play and I get more blah and the circle continues.

BUT Gin's wonderful chapter lifted my spirits on Saturday, and I've finished the things I was doing whilst I procrastinated.  I also decided yesterday that enough was enough so I abandoned the rotation and went and shot everything I need to finish the chapter.  It just needs sorting and writing now.  All this means I'm feeling like playing today for the first time in a week.  Oh and I thought I'd share my pretties.

What I've been doing when I should have been playing. )Right I think I'll go and play now, since I do feel like playing for a bit.

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It's a bit late I know, but Happy New Year everyone.  I hope things are going well for you so far this year. 

I've been pretty busy with my game so I thought I'd share what I've been doing, and of course that means picspam.

Clicky, clicky. )


Dec. 8th, 2008 09:39 pm
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I feel a bit like rambling at the moment, so I thought I'd bring you all up to date on the rotation and a few other things.

Who doesn't love picspam? )

I have also been working on the sets for Joe's punishment.

What is Joe in for? )

Anyway that's it from me really at the moment, apart from to say I'm getting very excited about Friday, so this probably doesn't make much sense.


I am crap at looking for CC at times. )


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