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Yup it is time once again for me to ramble on about my latest piece of writing, the asylum.

Antics of the insane. )

Right, so now the asylum is over, I can move onto Vicky and Rosie's first case.  I've actually about finished building for it: I'm going to create my dummy hood now and do any more set dressing or building in that.  The reason being, I might have to put down a  few more lots to fill some spaces, but they will be temporary lots since I don't have plans for those spaces at the moment.  I don't want to have to bulldoze a load of lots further down the line, so this seems the best way.

I might be popping up with some WCIFs in the near future too as I get my outline and shooting script sorted.  I'm so excited to be making a start on this project, I can't wait to get on with it and share the finished project with you all.  I hope you all like it.

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Simdon-Leys Home for Irrational and Insane Women is about to open its door for the final time. Please have your fee ready and follow me

Comments over at Boolprop please. 
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Simdon-Leys Home for Irrational and Insane Women is about to open it's doors once again to visitors. Please form an orderly queue and have your fee ready.

Comments over at Boolprop please.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Simdon-Leys Home for Irrational and Insane Women is once again receiving visitors. Please have your fee ready, and step this way.

Comments at Boolprop please. Thank you.
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For your entertainment, the asylum is now open to visitors. Please have your fee ready and walk this way. I'll unlock the gates.

Please comment over at Boolprop. Thanks.
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As anyone who has read Gin's piece over at [livejournal.com profile] sim_spiration  or seen her piece for [livejournal.com profile] sim_scenes  knows, today has been proclaimed National Lisa is Awful day. 

As an antidote to her evil bitchiness, I thought I would share a few pictures from the asylum.  Enjoy as she gets her comeuppance.

This is for Norris )

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Today is the second anniversary of me posting my first chapter of my Victorian Legacy, and so I have to celebrate it somehow. I may not have as many presents for you today as I had on my legaversary (go here if you missed them, or even if you just want to see my boys belting out heavy metal again), but I do have the first part of sekrit project number one for you under the cut.

Let the Punishment begin. )
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Yes I'm afraid that it is that time again. I'm going to talk about my latest upload.

Talk, talk, blather, talk. )


Jan. 10th, 2009 01:22 pm
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So things are going very slowly at the moment with shooting Punishment. 62 sims on a lot = lot lagging like a bitch at times, although selecting everyone helps with that. I still have 5 pages to shoot, but I am hoping to have it all shot this weekend.

In the meantime, here's a little something I made for one of the scenes. It's a bit pixelated, but I thought I would share it anyway.

Teaser just for you. )

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You see yesterday when I checked Boolprop at lunch I saw that there were four updates of stories I read.  My plan for the evening was to re-read them and leave comments, but...I started something shiny.

My evening instead went something like, read a bit, write a sentence, work for ages on my shiny, read a bit more, write another sentence, SHINY. 

I only got two comments done, which is rubbish really, so you can guess what I'm going to be doing this evening.  Unless I get distracted again.  After all I do have a finale to a side project to shoot.

Oh and the shiny I was working on?

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It's a bit late I know, but Happy New Year everyone.  I hope things are going well for you so far this year. 

I've been pretty busy with my game so I thought I'd share what I've been doing, and of course that means picspam.

Clicky, clicky. )

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So I've been feeling like I'm making no progress Sims-wise at the moment. When I think about it, I've got a lot done, it just doesn't feel like it. On the plane I managed to get the first part of Joe's punishment written (there are four parts, plus linking scenes, each taking place on a different set), and I spent hours on Wednesday and Sunday shooting that part. I've got teasers for you at the end of the post.

I've also got the outline for the next chapter done, and the plan is to start sorting pictures whilst my virus scan runs tonight. I really want to get the next chapter out before the new year.

The rotation is almost finished too: just got the two lots at Sim State and half a year at the VPLs to play, and then I'm back in the main house for the first time in well over a month. So, I've been busy, it just feels like I haven't.

The other thing I've done is my Christmas thing. No story from me this year, but I did pop into a dummy 'hood to do a massive photoshoot:

We wish you a Merry christmas... )

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... )

One last thing before I sign off, I did kinda promise a few teasers for Joe's punishment didn't I?

Teasers? Where? )

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I've been doing more set up for Joe's punishment tonight.  I've got nearly everyone in the neighbourhood now., just need to put in a couple more simselves and Joe of course.

I did come up with a bit of a puzzler though.  This is the 'hood I did my Halloween photoshoot in, so I have quite a few gen 4 sims about, and I was going to bring them into it.  Well I need to pack out that amphitheatre don't I?  The thing is every other sim in the project is dressed modernly, so I wasn't sure whether to do the same with them or not.

What are you going on about Di? )


Dec. 8th, 2008 09:39 pm
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I feel a bit like rambling at the moment, so I thought I'd bring you all up to date on the rotation and a few other things.

Who doesn't love picspam? )

I have also been working on the sets for Joe's punishment.

What is Joe in for? )

Anyway that's it from me really at the moment, apart from to say I'm getting very excited about Friday, so this probably doesn't make much sense.


I am crap at looking for CC at times. )

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I'm still slogging through the rotation, and for the most part it is still going well.  The only thing is that I've had a couple of things happen over the last two days that worry me slightly.  I can probably dismiss them as just one of those things, and two of them I've had happen before, but I'm still worried. 

You see I had to pop into Di's house for a bit, and whilst there I thought I'd better clear the trash from her memories.  When I looked at her memories, she had a memory of kissing herself for the first time.  Now I have had this happen before when two sims have made out in a hot tub, and nothing bad came of it, so I'm hoping it's just that.

The second thing is that when Sophia got married, Catherine had a memory of her joining the family even though she was already a member.  Again I have seen this happen before, so here's hoping it's just a glitch.

The more worrying things are that I have 3 sims with LTWs who shouldn't have them.  Two are a Newson toddler and child, and the other is Ernie, SimAngela's son.  The two Newson children, well they are Maxis sims and odd things do sometimes happen with Maxis sims, but Ernie...  The last time I was in their house he didn't have a LTW and the only thing I have done since is patch the game.   He's also rolling teen and adult fortune sim  wants: as a toddler he wanted to buy a car.  I've also had a couple of sims reroll their LTW with no help from me, and I am getting LTWs that don't correspond to a sims aspiration.  Since I have never done any of the the things on the VBT list, I am really hoping that these are just odd glitches, and do not mean that the neighbourhood is heading for a melt down.   I do backup regularly, but if there is a problem, I would be worried about how far back the problem goes.   Now I can rebuild: I've done it before, I'd just really rather not.

*sigh*  So that's my worries, now who wants pictures?

Spares and such )

So tha'ts it for the rotation at the moment.  Hopefully the glitches aren't too bad, and my 'hood won't explode. 

I have one more thing I want to share.  I've built the first set for my plan with Joe.  I'm pretty pleased with it: it's simple but effective.

I wouldn't want to walk down here alone at night... )


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