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Ok, so I know it's the best part of two years since I posted anything to the Emporium, or over here, buuuuuut I do have a bunch of random defaults to share.  Click the header thing to go over there and see what they are.

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Hey everyone.  Since I didn't want to spam everyone, I've not been posting all of the entries I've been making for the Victoria & George undergarment community project here, but I've now finished my contribution and wanted to post and index to this journal for anyone who has missed them, but wants them.

Index under here. )
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Long time, no post.  :)  I'm doing well, and still simming, if not as much as I was, and what I am sharing/posting, I'm tending to do over on tumblr because it's so much easier to post pictures there, than here and I've gotten very lazy.  Having said that, I have a couple of posts I'm planning on making here, but in the meantime, I've posted a new object over at the Emporium.  Click the picture to go to the download.

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I've been doing some more building in Simford, and as part of that, I've been building a shoemakers/shop.  This of course has meant that I've been making more CC for it.  Click the picture above to go to the Emporium and see the details.
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I've updated the Emporium with an offering for the V&G community project.  Toddler undies.

Click the picture for more information and to download.
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I've finally gotten round to re-doing the fire surround I've been using in my kitchens for a while now.

I've also uploaded the items I made for a GoS theme to the Emporium  Find them here.
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I've uploaded the werewolf skin I was working on.  Details over at the Emporium at the bottom of the page.
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Just a quick update today.  I've made a default replacement for the base game teen suit mesh (tmbodyopencoatlongpants) fixing the neck gap on the fit and normal state.  Click the picture of Ang's lovely Zane for details.

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Progress on the next chapter has slowed.  One more section to write, then it's typing it all up and doing the first edit before I can start shooting.  I've not done any writing today, but at long last, I've uploaded my zombie skintone.  Click the picture for details.

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The door is done, done, done, and because of that (and fway being awesome), you can now haz.  Details and download link over here.
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Told you it'd be soon.

My Red Damask wallset as seen in the hall of the Smith Townhouse in Simdon.  Details and download link here.
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I am being so productive at the moment, it's amazing.  (Ok, so that productivity isn't extending to reading the couple of updates I'm behind on, but getting all my other projects done so I can do that and concentrate on both CreMo and the Spotlight Interview (all questions welcomed by the way) this week is very good going).

In that spirit, I have two new skintones to share with you all.
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I've got an update for you at the Emporium.  It's my Lily skintone, but with the freckles removed.  As with m y other ones, it comes in three flavours.  More information here.
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Yes, another update over at the Emporium.  This time, it's all of my natural skintones.  Details found here.
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Recolours of the Sim Store "Female Form Over Four Seasons by Moocha."  Details here.
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And because I don't seem to be able to concentrate on the chapter today, have a new fixed hair mesh over at the Emporium:

Details here. 
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So, rather than getting on with the big things I should be doing (writing, building in ATL, placing lots in New Regalton), I've been busy over at the Emporium.  As well as making pretty banners, I've completely revamped the eyes section, offering four versions of each eye colour and adding 12 new colours.  (North Sea, Violet, Blue Slate, Deep Denim, Aqua, Medium Denim, Charcoal, Slate, Ebony, Swamp, Woodland and Hazel).  Details can be found here.

Of course, messing around over there has also made me realise how many other projects I have to finish and post, but hey ho.  I'll get there eventually, I'm sure.
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Yes, i know it's a long time since I last updated the Emporium, but I hope this makes up for it.  You see, I've retired the old Emporium, since it was becoming a bit unwieldy and difficult to find anything in, and set up a brand new Emporium over at Dreamwidth.  Hopefully it's much easier to navigate and will be easier to keep updated too. 

To celebrate I've uploaded my alien and vampire skintones as well as the first of several hair meshes I've had a go at fixing.
Previews and linkies under cut )
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Hi guys, I've gone and updated the emporium with a finished set of the mesh edits I did of CashCraft's Vanity Fair teacup for Viridian Child.

More information and the download link can be found here.
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Hey everybody, before I do anything else, I thought I'd do this.

I was struck by  the thought last night that a couple of the sims I have up for download, namely Stanley, Rosemary, Mariele and SimDi, have townie friendly eyes.  Since said eyes might not be to everyone's liking and you might want those sims running around, but not any new townies with those eyes, I've found the original files and binned those.

If you don't want random townies appearing with the eyes, download the new set and put them in the exact location the originals are.  Say yes to it overwriting them.

The new eyes are still binned to be either dominant or recessive depending on colour, but won't show up in the townie pool unexpectedly.

Stanley and Rosie's eyes are here.
My eyes are here.  Correct file now, honest.
Marielle's eyes are here.

I've also updated the sims files at the Emporium.


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