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Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

Look, I did a photoshoot, for the first time in three years!  Actually, I have to admit that this nearly didn't get done, since the outfits I originally downloaded just will not show in game, and I lost interest when trying to refit them.  But never mind, new idea was born, and here we are!  A little shoot with the main part of my family, and a little spoiler for you all.

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I didn't get chance to do a proper Hallowe'en photoshoot this year, there was this little chapter I had to get done first, but I did want to wish everyone a very happy Hallowe'en in my own way:

Happy Hallowe'en everyone, have a great time!
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It's Halloween once again, and that means that it is time for my annual Halloween Photoshoot.  Enjoy.

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Ah All Hallows Eve, the night where good's influence on this earth is at its lowest ebb and evil spirits can walk this plane of existence freely. Traditionally people dressed up as monsters in order to trick the evil spirits walking the earth into believing that there were already evil influences present in their house so I've dressed up some of my simmies in appropriate costumes and done a HUGE photoshoot (I got completely carried away and had difficulty narrowing it down to even 85 pictures). You should recognise everyone, even though two of them are older than when you last saw them, and several have their features obscured. Enjoy.


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I wasn't going to do anything for Halloween, but I saw the screenshot thread at Boolprop, and my brain went zing.  Here is the result, oh and you might recognise the sims.

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