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Hi everyone.  I know I don't post here very often any more, but thought that I'd still do my now annual tradition of pointing and laughing at my previous year's simming goals before making some more.  In many ways, I was more successful in my real life goals (such as deciding I was unhappy with my size, so vowing to lose 42 pounds in a year, and losing 33 of those in six months), than with my simming goals, but here we go anyway.

2014's simming goals:

1) Have fun simming. Strangely, given how quiet I've been, I've done this in a funny little way.  It's just that how I've done this, is by mostly stopping playing.  I'm spending most of my time at the moment making CC, and that's working for me.  I'm enjoying picking projects up as I feel like working on them, and then putting them down again.
2) Build Simford. I finished the lot I was working on, and that's about it.  I've been more focussed on making CC, and also starting work on revamping Simdon to put the effort into getting Simford finished.
3) Play the game without thinking about my story. Done this.
4) Not think or stress about the story. Again, I've done this.  I still don't feel like working on it, but I'm happier, and so that works at the moment.
5) Continue and hopefully finish, reorganising and seasonifying all of the shrubs and plants I have in game. HAHAHAHAHA.  NO.
6) Try to come back to the community and my friends. Again, no.  As much as I miss everyone, (and I do, a lot), I'm still feeling happier being able to dip in and out of the community and the game like I've been doing this year.

Ok, so that's last year's goals done.  Let's make some for this year.

2015's Simming Goals.

1) Sort and cull my CC. I've been seeing a lot of strangeness lately if I do try to play, and I think that a lot of this is to do with the amount of CC I currently have.  Also, a lot of the CC I've accumalated over the past 7 to 8 years, now looks very dated, is broken or just doesn't meet my standards or aesthetic any more, so it's time to cull.
2) Make over Regalton and the subhoods to meet my standards.  This goes along with the above really.  I'm going to have to replace things that I've culled, and since I've already started making over Simdon to look better, I may as well do that for the rest of the subhoods.
3) Make more progress with Simford. It'd be nice to get this subhood looking more like a little town, and less like a serious of random lots with lots of empty space between them.
4) Make a start on building the Highlands. I've been planning on having the Highlands as another holiday hood for years, and I think it's about time I made a start on it.
5) Have fun. Doesn't really need any explanation I feel.
6) Try to say "hi" more often. Because I do miss you all.
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This house over at MTS was built to the same plan I used for A&A's house.  It's very interesting to see the differences in how we interpreted it.  You can see A&A's house by clicking on the picspam: smith and picspam: simdon tags.

(Also, yes, hello.  I'm not dead.  I just managed to burn myself out completely on the sims and haven't really recovered yet.  I hope to be back and a bit more active here soon, since I would like to share some of the things I'd been doing with my game before I hit burn out with you all, but in the meantime, I've posted a few bits to my simblr in the past few months, rather than here).
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Happy New Year everyone.  I hope that 2014 is being good to you so far.

As I always do, I was planning on looking back at last year's goals and sharing my goals for this year, but when I went to look at last years, the post was missing.  I'm sure I made some, but I can't find the post.  'Tis most vexing.

Anyway, here are my goals for 2014:

1) Have fun simming.  I've actually spent far longer than I want to admit to myself, viewing simming as a chore, or something I am doing because I'm too bloody-minded to give up and stop.  There was a time when I really loved this game, when I played without pressure, and I'm going to try to get back to that, before I decide whether or not to just stop simming.
2) Build Simford.  I've been working on this for the past few weeks, and it is something I'm currently sorta enjoying.  I'm also making a shedload of cc to go decorate the buildings with, and again, all linked to the first goal, I'm only doing it if I feel like it, and trying not to feel pressured about it.
3) Play the game without thinking about my story.  I've done several things that I thought would help me with this, and they've not really worked, because the thought of my story was always there.  I'm going to try to get past that.  If I fall in love with my sims as sims and characters again, then maybe I'll fall in love with my story and writing again.  Which leads to ...
4) Not think or stress about the story.  I'm not abandoning it completely.  I do want to finish the storyline I've started, but it's also been stressing me out like nobody's business.  The thought of writing it, the thought of editing it, the thought of shooting it and then reading everyone's reactions is killing me.  So I'm not going to think about it.  I'll pick it up if and when I can approach it with a better frame of mind.
5) Continue and hopefully finish, reorganising and seasonifying all of the shrubs and plants I have in game.
6) Try to come back to the community and my friends.  I miss you, I really do, but I've also not been up to socialising very much recently.  I hope that will pass.
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So, I stumbled across Edenstyle's write ups of the Sims 4 masterclass at Gamescom yesterday.  They're quite interesting to read and give a little bit more information than the video released by EA, so I recommend you look at them.  Some things that jumped out at me:
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Sims 4?

Aug. 21st, 2013 08:19 pm
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SO I'm sure some of you have seen this video showing the first look at the Sims 4 gameplay.:

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  1. Edit Sarah Jane's necklace and earrings so that they are actualfax jewellery and not accessories.

  2. Install the neighbourhood tree defaults I downloaded so that I could test them.

  3. Install the other stuff I've downloaded over the past three months but haven't put into my game because I've been working on getting things set up for filming.

Oh well.  It's nice to be playing again.  I'm posting a few pictures that amuse me on my tumblr because it's easy, and I'm probably not going to post any long rotational picspams until after I've got another couple of chapters out, to bring my writing and playing more up to date.  (I'm two rotations ahead of what I've written at the moment).

I've not made much more progress on the next chapter over the past week and a bit.  Work was pretty crazy whilst I was filming the last chapter, and it's gotten even more nutso over the past week and a half.  I'm really not sure when it's going to calm down, but it does mean that I'm exhausted in the evenings, so don't feel like writing, and I'm not getting time during the day to jot things down that I can use later to work on the scenes I need to write.  It's also been really hot this week, and when it's hot, sitting at my computer is not a nice thing to do, because it's in front of a window which gets the afternoon sun.  I did make a very quick piece of cc which I'll need, which is good, but I have more to make, which will be more in depth.  What I'm saying is, I've not made the progress I was hoping for this week, and so I'm not going to get chapter 25 up as soon as I wanted to.  I will get it out, and it will be quicker than my other chapters have been lately.

I've also not made as much progress on the things I'm working on for V&G because of this, but again, I will get to them.

That's it really.  I hope you're all well.
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I was playing for a bit last night, rather than editing, and Donna ended up pregnant.

more twins

That's the third set of twins out of six pregnancies so far this generation, and every set has belonged to a sim that is a twin in my story.  (Sophia, Andrew and now Christopher).  Now I know that Sophia and Lauren were never really twins in the game; they're ordinary ALT dormies, but I decided to make them twins for my story since they are identical.  I also know that both Andrew and Christopher, although twins from Regalton 2.0, were created as single sims in Regalton 3.0 and so shouldn't carry any twin gene, but I don't think my game knows that.  It tickles me that my game is making my sims from multiple births have twins themselves.

I've also decided that playing just two days in each house for a rotation is too short.  I'm going to give playing four a go next time, and have been trying to come up with a solution for playing university to keep it all in line with the rest of the neighbourhood.  At the moment I'm thinking of playing the university lots both at the start of the rotation and at the end.  This should allow me graduate any sims who will graduate after the first year of the rotation and be able to put them into the hood at the proper time, whilst also allowing me to send any sims to uni after the first year who should go, and play through their first year at uni.
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Hello everyone.  I'm feeling much better, and am starting to get back into the swing of some simming things.  You still won't see me about a lot, but I am poking at my chapter and trying to get back to checking LJ and responding to my f-list. Today's post though is something completely different and very long winded.

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Progress on the next chapter has been virtually non-existent this week, mainly because I've felt exhausted every evening, and my brain doesn't want to give me words that make sense.  In fact this post probably won't make sense in places, so sorry about that.  Anyway, even though I'm struggling with writing the next chapter, I have been working on things for the neighbourhood, which will eventually show up in the story, as evidenced by my last post.  For the past goodness knows how many months, I've been thinking about Simford, and been working on the first community lot there.

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I'm not procrastinating today.  Honest.  Ok, maybe I am, but I'm being productive with it, and this bit of procrastination, should hopefully help me with my writing.  You see, what with the rebuild of doom last year, I've spent quite a lot of time, not thinking about my characters, and so now that I'm trying to get on with my story, I'm stumbling slightly at times when it comes to remembering how characters speak or act.  Now Emmi won't really appear in this chapter, but I've been thinking a lot about her look as a teen, and as an adult recently, and that has been helping me to re familiarise myself with her as a character.  Partly for my own reference, and partly because some of you might be interested, I thought I'd jot down my thoughts here.
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Nov. 7th, 2012 08:54 am
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Strange dream last night, in which I was standing on a misty, frosty common with Cait, a bunch of her characters, and a bunch of mine.  The characters looked like sims, but human sized (complete with their height differences if they were human), whilst me and Cait were humans.  Also, Bethy sometimes had Cait's S4 skin, and sometimes mine.  Same with Ezra. 

Ezra and Edward were riding horses and racing each other, but they didn't look like either sims posed on horses or humans riding horses, but rather like a painting of a Regency horse race I've seen, but can't find on google images now I want to link to it.  I might look again later when I have more time.

I think my brain is telling me that it's starting to miss the sims.

A musing

May. 23rd, 2012 08:28 pm
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At the moment, I'm going through and changing the interests, of the sims I've added to the rebuilt neighbourhood, so that they match with what they were interested in in the old neighbourhood.  This is mainly so that sims that got on well there, get on well in the new neighbourhood too and vice versa.  But it got me thinking.  The only thing that interests are good for, is conversations: they don't impact on the sims themselves and their personalities, and I wish they did.  What a person is interested in can impact their character as much as how neat they are, and I think it'd be awesome if your sim who had a mega interest in science fiction, would roll the want to star gaze more than a sim who was really interested in fashion but couldn't care less about sci-fi.  Likewise, a sim who was interested in culture would want to read or play the piano more than one who was interested in animals.

So what do you think?  What do you wish the developers had done better with respect to sims' personalities?
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Happy New Year everyone! 

So for the past two years I've made a list of my simming goals, and I thought I'd do the same this year.  I'm also going to go over last year's goals so I can point and laugh at them see how I fared with those.

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I've just finished reading Heartless, the fourth Parasol Protectorate book by Gail Carriger.  As with the previous two, I have very mixed feelings on it (the first one I loved completely) .  When it was good, it was very good, but it also had me banging my head in frustration, rolling my eyes and thinking "oh for goodness sake."  There's one part in particular that really, really frustrated me (apart from the fact that the main character, meant to be so intelligent, was incredibly obtuse throughout, and I ended up being ahead of the plot from the beginning).  That part is to do with the geography of London, and has in turn got me thinking about my own world.

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As some of you know, I use PSP for all my photoediting.  I love the programme to bits.  I started off with PSPX2, but when I upgraded to a Win7 machine, I had to upgrade to PSPPX3 since X2 isn't Win7 compatible.   I've been using X3 for nearly a year now, and I have to say, I don't like it as much as I liked X2, plus I have some stability issues with it.  Basically it has a habit of freezing on me, and crashing completely when I try to use grid lines for any length of time.

I headed over to the Corel website to see if there were any new updates that might fix the problems I'm having, and discovered that there is a new version out, PSPX4.  Reading the bumf and finding out that it's a standalone version, I downloaded the free trial to see what's what.  Having had a poke around, it does seem lik they've improved quite a few features from X3, and also, there was no crashing when I messed about with gridlines.

This is all to the good, but I'm not sure if I'm going to upgrade.  There are several issues that arise with X4, which I don't have with X3.
  • Qunitica's scripts for Pooklet's colour actions, don't work.  Depth charge ends up bright orange, so Corel have obviously changed the way some of the tools Quintica used to get the same results as Pooklet work.
  • The scripts I wrote to resize my pictures for use in ppt for my chapters, don't give the same results as in X3.  They end up being HUGE.  Take up the entire slide HUGE.
  • It'll cost £59.99 to upgrade.  That's a hell of a lot for a programme which doesn't do everything I want it to.
On the plus side though, if it is more stable, that's good.  Also, unlike with previous upgrades, it can be used side by side with X3, so I could conceivebly still use X3 for the things X4 doesn't do.  However, that's a bit of a faff, and like I say, 60 quid is a lot of money to spend on something I can't use fully.

So I'm currently undecided on what to do.  I'm leaning towards not getting it and carrying on with being annoyed by the instability of X3.  But it's not as if I need to decide right this minute as I had to when getting X3.  I'll think on it some more.

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I have only one more semester to play and then I'm done, with the rotation. I should really have spent the past week getting on with that (it's Bertie and the boys so it's a really fun house to play, and I had a ball when I last played them on Sunday), but I didn't. It's not as if I didn't want to. The fizz of excitement I get when I'm about to start working on a new chapter is bubbling through my veins, and yet I held back, because I was working on some cc.

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Before I go and actually play now, I just wanted to say that this hurricane which is bearing down on the States, is sounding really scary for all my friends on the East Coast. I'll be thinking of you all and hoping that you stay safe.   So, STAY SAFE and please drop a quick line as soon as you can to let me and everyone else know that you are okay.  I'm going to worry about you all.

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Wait, is LJ actually working for me again now?  Yaaaaaaaay!
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or doing something productive like responding to comments, but I'm not.  Instead I'm playing Dragon Age II.
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