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Six years ago today, a very nervous simmer uploaded the first chapter of her Victorian Legacy to the exchange.  Today, that same, VERY nervous simmer is uploading the latest chapter to Authorstream.  Click on the picture to go to my Dreamwidth to read it.  Enjoy and erm, Happy Legaversary?

Comments (if you should so wish to comment), can be left here or over at my Dreamwidth.
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Title:  Secrets and Indiscretion.
Prompt: If the glove fits. ([livejournal.com profile] fuzzy_spork)
Rating: PG. 
Spoiler rating: 8/10. 
Summary: Sophia and Bertie argue.
Notes: I've not actually heard the phrase "if the glove fits" before, and so have taken it as an American idiom of "if the cap (or shoe) fits, wear it."  Sorry if that's not what it means, but that's what you're getting.  Also, fairly high spoiler rating because it contains the first proper reference of a future storyline.
Word Count: 947

“No Sophia, I am not angry with you, I am bloody furious with you.” )
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Title:  Alone At Last.  Or Bethany's First Kiss.
Prompt: Left alone together ([livejournal.com profile] bellemistoire)
Rating: PG. 
Spoiler rating: 0/10. 
Summary: What happens when a visit runs out of tea.
Notes: Only real thing to note is that I used the word "queer" in the Victorian sense that means insane. 
Word Count: 688

"It seems that when one’s butler is sick, the efficiency of one’s household plummets.” )
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The Legacy Society.

(Stuart Legacy, Albert Legacy, Andrew Harrison, David Smith, Peter Harrison),
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The Victorian Privileged Ladies Society.

(Celestia Harrison, Azula Fizthugh, Elle Fitzhugh).

(Thanks to Marina for the loan of Azula and Elle).
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The Smith Family

(Sarah Jane, Anthomy, Alexandra, Zane, Mickey).

(Thanks to Ang for the loan of Zane),
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Title:  Haste
Prompt: Riding bareback/Sending for a midwife.  ([livejournal.com profile] holleyb76/[livejournal.com profile] silverbelle1220)
Rating: U. 
Spoiler rating: 6/10. 
Summary: A first time father's frantic flight through the night.
Notes: So, the actual in game footage of this has been posted in a picspam, but this is how I see generation six making it's appearance in the story.
Word Count: 1,077.

“Is she certain this time? I will not waste my time on continually running to her for every little ache or pain.” )

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The Legacy Family.

(Margaret (Peggy), Ellen, Lauri, Timothy).
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The Legacy Family.

(Henry, John, Matilda, Abbey).
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The Nosferatu Family.

(Dorothy, Florence, Anne, Lawrence, Mathias, Corbin).

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Title:  Family
Prompt: Christopher's thoughts on his parentage ([livejournal.com profile] katrisims)
Rating: U. 
Spoiler rating: 5/10. 
Summary: Christopher thinks about his father at two points in his life.
Notes: I'm not happy with this at all, mainly because I think Christopher's thoughts on the subject are very muddled and he flip flops back and forth on them, but I've been going round in circles trying to pin those down, and I'm sick of looking at this now.  So, here you go.  A not very good drabble for you all.
Word Count: 820.

“You have no comprehension as to what it is like.” )

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Title:  Out of Paris
Prompt: The latest fashion ([livejournal.com profile] esmeiolanthe)
Rating: U. 
Spoiler rating: 2/10. 
Summary: Sarah Jane orders a new gown.
Notes: I don't really have anything to say about this, apart from, halfway there and enjoy.
Word Count: 686.

“This is the … latest fashion out of Paris you say?” )

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Title:  Bragging.
Prompt: Sister-in-law.  ([livejournal.com profile] mzyra)
Rating: U. 
Spoiler rating: 8/10. 
Summary: Ezra and Bethany are having tea with Sarah Jane..
Notes: Only a short one this time.  I might do more with this and make it into a scene at some point.  Also fairly high spoiler due to references to something upcoming.
Word Count: 241.

Surely by now she would have realised that Bethany cared little for titles and the company that Sarah Jane kept these days? )

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Title:  Switch it on.
Prompt: Getting used to electricity.  ([livejournal.com profile] rosefyre)
Rating: U. 
Spoiler rating:  0/10. 
Summary: Stuart ponders electricity.
Notes: Ever had an idea you really like, but can't quite get down on paper well enough to satisfy you?  Well that's what's happened with this drabble.  It takes place in Marina's universe, not that long after Stuart arrives there.  I could see this happening very clearly, but can't get the words right to convey everything I want to.  Despite that, I'm posting it anyway, because I really want to get to prompt 16 by the end of the month.
Word Count: 509.

Neither had been able to see the idea catching on anywhere, and dismissed it as a fad. )
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Title:  More than that.
Prompt: Robert courting Emmi.  ([livejournal.com profile] penguingirl03)
Rating: U. 
Spoiler rating:  8/10. 
Summary:  Robert arrives to take Emmi to the theatre.
Notes: I've put quite a high spoiler rating on this, since a version of this scene will appear in a future chapter, and it also refers to some of the events in Emmi's tale, even if it is obliquely.  Also, you'll notice that there's no mention of a chaperone in this part of the scene.  Emmi wouldn't think of one, and Robert is from a place where they aren't common place.  As for the other person in the scene, well she hasn't had chance to insist on tagging along yet.
Word Count: 986.

Today, the tune she was playing was upbeat and bouncy, and he took that to be a good sign that she was looking forward to their date. )
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Title:  Images.
Prompt: The oddest place Christopher has ever painted.  ([livejournal.com profile] tatdatcm)
Rating: U. 
Spoiler rating:  5/10. 
Summary:  A musing by Christopher.
Notes: I'm putting this as a 5 because it refers to how Donna came to be in my game, but that's no surprise to anyone who has read some of Pen's drabbles, or one of my drabbles from a couple of years ago.
Word Count: 354.

He had sat on the hot metal, a canvas propped in front of him. )

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Title:  Argument.
Prompt: "That is unacceptable" ([livejournal.com profile] superfr0g)
Rating: PG. 
Spoiler rating:  8/10. 
Summary:  Sophia goes to see her father.
Notes: This is fairly spoliery in that, although this scene won't be in the next chapter the events that count as the build up and aftermath will be.
Word Count: 616.

"Why should my sister sacrifice her happiness, in order to look after a selfish, ill-mannered man?!”  )
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First up I wanted to apologise because I feel like a bad friend.  I keep popping up for a bit, posting something, replying to things and then disappearing, seemingly ignoring a lot of what is going on on my f-list.  I'm not ignoring it.  I'm reading almost all of it, but I've been dealing with some health issues since July.  At the moment, it's not looking like they are serious, although I still don't have answers, but it does mean that I've not been feeling that great, and I've not been feeling chatty.  At all.  So yes, I've been quiet apart from when I force myself to do something, or the guilt gets to me.

But you're not here for that.  You're here for the spam.

50 pictures under the cut. )


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