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Hey everyone.  Since I didn't want to spam everyone, I've not been posting all of the entries I've been making for the Victoria & George undergarment community project here, but I've now finished my contribution and wanted to post and index to this journal for anyone who has missed them, but wants them.

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Here's a little something I've made for the V&G community project, and because I need more period appropriate under things for my sim girls.  Click the picture to go to the Emporium.
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I shared a 100 followers gift over on my tumblr here for those of you who have not seen it yet.   It's a little something that I think a lto of people might get use out of.

I have so many ideas of things I want to make lately, it's ridiculous.  I've been making new objects practically non-stop in my simming time, to decorate the lot I'm working on for Simford, and I'm pretty sure, I'm going to keep making new things as I work on building the rest of the town.  I also have ideas for 14 (!) new clothing meshes, 9 of which are for the V&G community project,  that I'm going to start on when I next feel like doing body meshes.  (I'm still a little burnt out with that aspect of cc creating from the gifts I made for the V&G gift pile.)  Plus I want to add some hats to the hairs of my most important sims, such as Eddie and Emmi, aaaand I want to have a go again at making some salt and pepper hairs.  It didn't go too well last time, but I've been watching this request over at GoS with interest and since Esotheria_D. has very kindly shared their PSD, I'm feeling a little inspired and may see what I can do with it.  Plus there's my on going projects, such as making everything seasonal (and since theChangeling shared some gorgeous plants last week, I'm now itching to make those seasonal and add them to my game too), project mesh where I fix all the things that annoy me about the clothing meshes in my game, and items I want to look at recolouring just because.   I've also failed at fixing the issue with the custom barber chair, and so default replaced the mesh instead, which looks awesome and actually works.  I'm thinking of putting it up for testing in the next couple of days to make sure everything is alright with it before I share it, possibly with the barber bits I separated off a Cashcraft mesh a couple of years ago.

So yes, when I'm simming, I'm on a real creating and building kick at the moment, rather than playing.  It's fun, but it does mean I'm still getting no where with my story or legacy.
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I've been doing some more building in Simford, and as part of that, I've been building a shoemakers/shop.  This of course has meant that I've been making more CC for it.  Click the picture above to go to the Emporium and see the details.
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I've finally finished my gift for the V&G gift pile.  You can find it over here. Enjoy.
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For the past six or seven weeks, I've been working on default replacing the preparable meals in game with things that are more appropriate for my game era.  i'm finally finished and have uploaded them for anyone else who is interested at the Emporium.  Click the picture below for details.

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Cross posted to [livejournal.com profile] victoria_george.

Ok, so those of you who follow my tumblr might have seen that I'm working on default replacing the food sims can prepare with more nineteenth century meals and ingredients.  Since this is something which is very new to me, I'd like to get the files tested before I upload them properly.  It's one of those things where I think I'm doing everything right, but I'd like to make sure they work for everyone and not just me.

Some pictures and explanations below. )
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One of the many, many things that's stopping me from playing at the moment, is the thought that I am going to need many, many more pieces of clothing as the legacy goes on.  This wasn't so much of a problem earlier on, when I hadn't used a lot of the clothing I have, or when my sims were more sims than characters, but as I've gone on, I've started wanting individual and unique pieces of clothing for my main sims.  This really came home to me the other day when I was playing around with looks for one of Bertie and Sophia's twins the other day, and I realised I'm going to need to make her new dresses for her, for all of her life stages.  In the past, I've tended to just nick bits and pieces from clothing that I already have and mash them together, but I really want to be able to make clothes properly.  Heget posted this tutorial over at PBK (you need to be logged in to view it I think) a while ago, and I started trying to follow it, but then forgot about it.  Well, I've decided to give it a go again.
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I've uploaded the werewolf skin I was working on.  Details over at the Emporium at the bottom of the page.
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Hello everyone.   I've still not started with writing the remainder of the next chapter yet, even though it's now cooled down, because I've been in a creating/fixing/organising mood instead.  Here is a list of the on-going projects (some of which I started three years ago), which I've been looking at recently.

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Following on from the llama mascot yesterday, I decided to sort out the cow mascot today.

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Last week on tumblr, I was lamenting the fact that I still hadn’t decided what to do about the llama mascot in Regalton.  Heidi had the brilliant suggestion to use the mesh I’ve been using for Bertie and the rest of the footballers, so that’s what I was going to do.  However, this morning when I woke up, my brain started mulling the idea over, and I decided that, since we’d already seen the football team a lot over the last few chapters, maybe using that kit wasn’t the best idea.  But hang on, what if my mascot was the captain of the cricket team?  That’d work.

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Cross posted to V&G.

Thanks everyone who has been testing the files I uploaded a few weeks ago.  I'm still waiting to hear from some people, but it looks as if everything works fine which is great.  It looks like LJ lost my original post in the clusterfuck a few weeks ago, so please feel free to comment in this post if you are testing those files.

I have a few more things I'd like tested and they all have EP requirements, so please read those carefully.  These are all Bioshock Infinite conversions, and, not going to lie, I could spend hours upon hours going through, extracting meshes and converting.  This is the first time I've had a game I can extract things from that will look right in Regalton.

A few pictures and some explanations. )
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I'd just got into bed last night when my thought processes ran something like this: "Ok, if I make the deco hats tomorrow, and do something with Cashcraft's ribbon to make it look like the ribbon on the hats, that'd be great.  I can make the workshop look functional and my milliners will be almost finished.  Oh I do need to put the jewellery rack in the workshop too, so it's a functional shop.  It's a shame the jewellery rack is so modern, since my hats are binned as jewellery.  It's be neat to have the rack look like a hat on a stand.  Has anyone ever made a default replacement jewellery rack?  Surely it'd be no different to defaulting anything else in game?  Hmmmm.  That's something to explore tomorrow, that's for sure.  And since there are several jewellery racks, I can have different ones for each holiday destination!  A tam o shanter for the highlands, and a boater for Simmouth and I don't know for Takemizu, but I'll think of something."

My brain, it doesn't know when to stop.

EDIT: Ok, so I can't have different shapes, because it's the same object for each vacation hood, but I can have different textures.  I can also clone it using SimPe so I might be able to have several different displays.  But my test object only displays the mountain recolour, not the rest.  :/  More investigation is needed.

EDIT the second: Aaaand sorted.  I treated it like a normal object and now have recolours showing up.  I have two different functional hat stands and that'll do for now.  Time to have some lunch and then I'll get on to making deco hats and pieces for the workshop.
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I'm doing some building in Simford at the moment, because I'm fed up with it being empty, and as part of that, I'm making a metric ton of cc for my shops.  It started small, with me making some more walls and recolouring some windows to give the lot I'm working on (the market square and shops around it) the right feel, but as I was decorating and looking at the list of shops I want to build, I thought about the bootmaker and how I could take some boots off of clothing meshes for clutter.  Well, with that in my mind, when I got to the milliner on this lot, I had an epiphany.  I could take the hats I have, and put them on the stand Cashcraft uses for the hat in her sewing room set.  One aborted attempt because I thought of a way to make them look better (after having made 9 meshes and all the recolours of them), Fourteen hat meshes and one empty stand mesh later, that's done and they all look fantastic.  Really fantastic, I'm so pleased.

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I've updated my Emporium with the dresses I've been working on for the past fortnight.

More information and download links here.

(Also this new editor sucks.  Why change it when the old one worked perfectly?)
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Really busy the past few weeks with regards to my game and simming. First off, I completed Myshuno! and started to think more about my characters and writing, which really pleased me. I’m still not at the stage where I can sit down tonight and start writing the next chapter, but I’m able to think about it and writing a certain character without having a panic attack. This is a massive step forward from where I’ve been most of the past year and a bit.

Lots of blabber about my game follows. )

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Hi guys, I hope you've all had a great festive season.  I have a little present for you all.  Those of you who downloaded my gift for the lovely peeps at [livejournal.com profile] victoria_george will already have these, but here are the two parts that I think those of you not playing a Victorian game will get the most use out of. 

Gift-y here. )
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So, the reason I'm pleased I got Go Fish done, is because I'm failing at pretty much everything else at the moment.  Filming on the next chpater, something I'd hoped to have finished by now is going incrediably slowly.  I'm only about a quarter done with it, despite having worked on it for well over a month, and although I was finding my feet with it last week, I realised that I needed to build a set for it, which broke my stride.  I'm hoping to get some more filming done this weekend, but who knows?

Some stuff )
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New set for you all up at the Emporium:

Click the picture for more details.

Now, I just need to finish the cutlery set I was making and then I can get on with filming.


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