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Really busy the past few weeks with regards to my game and simming. First off, I completed Myshuno! and started to think more about my characters and writing, which really pleased me. I’m still not at the stage where I can sit down tonight and start writing the next chapter, but I’m able to think about it and writing a certain character without having a panic attack. This is a massive step forward from where I’ve been most of the past year and a bit.

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May. 14th, 2012 08:08 pm
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Soooo, all the townies are in and (nearly) all the npcs are created and made over.  I'm still missing some, but I can wait and make them over as the game generates them (in both hoods).

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Five years ago today, a naïve young lady started a challenge that she thought would take a year, two tops, by plonking a sim called Gabe Legacy on a lot in a subhood of Pleasantview.

Some ruminations and a few pictures )

But to finish, I do want to give something more to you all, as a token of my thanks and appreciation for all the support, encouragement and friendship you've given me over the past five years.  So, what I'm going to do, is something I've not done before and open this entry up to questions.  Is there something you really want to know about my sims or characters?  Perhaps you want to know how old Eddie is, or what's Sarah Jane's favourite colour.  Do you want to know more about Sophia's relationship with her father?  You can ask anything, but be aware that I'm not going to spoil my upcoming plot here.  Anything that does look like it'll be too spoilery, I won't answer, and anything that I'm not comfortable sharing with everyone, I might send you a pm about.  But ask away!
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SO with the xmas special over and done with, I'm back to working on the rebuild, and it's going well.  With the exception of the society houses, I've got every other complete lot now in the new hood, and the new dummy hood.  I also finished furnishing a lot I've had half finished for over two years, so I'm pleased about that.  I now have three lots I need to build for the move and/or the next set of chapters, one small and two large with specific purposes.  Of course, the lot I decided I wanted to build last week, wasn't any of those.  It was a completely unrelated farm.

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So this is only slightly late but the 30th June 2007 was the day I published my first chapter.  I've tried very hard to get a chapter out on that day ever since, but it's not happened this year.  To make up for it, I've put together a tour of my neighbourhood and some of my favourite houses and a couple of new community lots for you.  Enjoy.

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I'm back with more picspam!  I want to get the planned picspams finished before I start playing again, so I'm working on getting them done for you.  I'm going to be changing how I do picspmas slightly for the next rotation, but more on that in the future.  I've also been playing TSM and TS3 recently, and want to share my thoughts on them with you too.

But enough, waffle, on with the picspam!

More pictures now with added cuteness! )

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[Poll #1739669]Leeetle poll for you all to take a gander at today.  As I was sorting my picspam for yesterday I realised how many houses I play in the rotation now, and that number's only going to increase.  up until now, I've tried to share pictures of all the houses, but i wasn't sure if you'd all like that to continue, so!  Poll for you.  Tell me who you want to see picspam of. 

EDIT:  I guess I should have mentioned that I'll always want to share the spares and cousins, what I want to know is who else you'd like.
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I realise that it's a little while since I posted something letting you all know how things are doing, so I thought I'd put that right this evening.
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Hello, hello.  I've been a bit quiet lately, ever since I realised that I needed to get one of the big three things on my to do list done, before I can make any sort of progress with the legacy itself.  Either that or I'm just procrastinating.  :p

As such, I decided to get on with rebuilding my university, after all I need it done for both playing chapter 24 and setting up the blank neighbourhood.  I decided to go for  a sort of Oxbridge-y feel, using Acadamie Le Tour as a base.  I've made over nearly all of the lots, the only two I haven't that you can see here are the ALT coffee shop and one of the original dorms that looks good from the outside and won't ever be seen from the inside. 

Ton of pictures (120+) and some boring words. )
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I made some progress with playing and getting what I need for the next chapter last weekend, and that included getting my simself hitched. It's been a long time coming and it was quite an eventful affair.
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Yeah, so I'm finding it really hard going writing chapter 14.1.  I have ideas as to what to write, but it's taking me so long to get it down in Word.  Normally when I'm writing during the week, I average 20-25 slides a night.  Not a great deal, but I tend to do other things at the same time, such as play the game or surf the net.  This week I'm averaging 12.15 slides.  It's only a short chapter too (about 100 slides) but with only 41 done I'm not sure if I'll hit my self-imposed deadline of uploading on monday night. 

I think part of it is I am so close to sending the second wave to university and getting started on Edward's story, I just want to get that done.  I am really looking forward to getting the kids to uni and having the plot start to take off again.  I don't want to say too much, but when my readers figure out what is going on I want there to be gasps, gasps I tell you, and shouts at the screen of "Nooooo."  You'll probably all find it very anti-climactic now, but there you go. 

With the boys at uni I can start thinking more about the BC too.  I still have two spaces left, so I'm hoping that there will be two more volunteers when the next chapter goes up, because Theo is in it and everyone can see how yummy he is.

I've also been procrastinating by re-colouring some of the eyes I made last year.

Anyway, I think that's enough procrastination for now.  Back to the writing.
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The last few days in the main house have been rather busy, and I've had a few birthdays.

Piccies )

When I was writing chapter 13, I had a bit of trouble making up my mind what picture of Henry I should end on.

Grrr )

This is my third weekend playing this rotation at the main house, but a lot of the reason it is taking so long is because of all the time I'm spending at the shops.  I really want the fifth shop to get to level 10 before Edward takes over as heir.  It's currently at level 8 and he has three days before I send him to uni, so it will get done. 

I've been neglecting Eddie's social life recently, which given that he's a popularity sim isn't very good, but I'm planning on making it up to him the next time I play.

I've got the outline for the next chapter about sorted, I'm just a tad fuzzy on some of the details, but I'll sort them out when I go through the photos properly.  It might be a two parter again, because I want to catch up with the spares before generation four hits uni.

ETA: William is now the proud owner of 5 level 10 businesses.  WOOT I am very pleased about this.  The last star came just as Di entered the shop from none other than Dorian.   D'you think he is trying to get back into her good books?


May. 22nd, 2008 08:26 pm
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Well, since I'm not out tonight, I thought I'd sit down and finish reordering my snapshots in my little folders following the other day's mini disaster.  I'm so happy that I've finally finished it, I can now start writing when the inspiration sparks.  I'm aiming to start writing this weekend once I've finished the current rotation in the main house, and since it's a bank holiday I should find the time to make a good start. 

I also want to start sorting pictures for my next interlude if I can, but I need to play one particular house before I can get that done *tries to be slightly mysterious.*

Well anyway, now I've finished sorting, I am going to reward myself by playing the main family for a bit. :)

Edit: just wanted to share that the Toybox is now at level 10, the final star coming from Denise Jacquet, woot.  I'm going to start planning the fourth business now, and try to get William some crafting bench badges.

Edit 2: William has finally got a gold flower arranging badge, hoo-bloody-ray!  I am very happy about this.
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Blooming Windows grr. 

I spent a sizeable chunk of yesterday planning my next chapter.  My planning involves setting up a new folder on my desktop called chapwhatevershort, I take off the auto arrange but keep it snapped to grid.  Into this I put the snapshots I am going to use in the order I plan on using them.  I then use this order for finding my thumbnails and putting them into Word.  I also preview the pictures in here as I am writing, and having them in order means I get a good idea of what the story will look like on the exchange. It's a bit faffy, but for me it works.

Well I didn't get the entire chapter finished yesterday, so today I open the folder up to find that Windows has completely changed the order I put everything in.  All 178 photos were in a random order, not arranged by name, not arranged by date modified, completely random.  I am not a happy bunny.  I have put the last 30 pictures in there, and now face the prospect of not only finding the correct thumbnails and putting them in order, but also re-ordering all 219 snapshots.  ARGHHH! 

As you have probably gathered chapter 12 will be another two-parter, but they have to be read together so it's probably going to take me a bit of time to write them.  I really want to try to get an interlude out too, so I might put that out first, I'm not sure depends on how the writing goes really.


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